Sex Appeal Movie Review

Sex Appeal is a 2022 rom-com about a teenager, Avery who seeks to be taught how to have good sex by her friend Larson.

Sex Appeal Movie Review
Sex Appeal Movie Poster. Source: Hulu.

Sex Appeal is a 2022 rom-com about a teenager, Avery who seeks to be taught how to have good sex by her friend Larson. Mika Abdalla, who plays Avery, and Jack Short, who plays Larson, star in the movie. Sex Appeal is a humorous take on what sex is and how to have the best sex from a teenager and nerdy perspective.

An App for Love

Avery is a nerd. She loves everything about STEM subjects and can’t wait to compete in STEMCON, a competition about STEM subjects. Her boyfriend, Casper, is also a nerd and will also be participating at STEMCON. Avery challenges herself to find out as much as she can about sex and create an app for love, to impress him during their first time. However, things don’t really go quite to plan.

Practice and Experimentation

For practice and experimentation, Avery turns to her long-time friend Larson. Larson has had feelings for her for the longest time but she’s always declined him. However, she usually uses him for her experiments, and for the sake of science, she convinces him about exploring sex with one another.

Are Love and Sex Connected?

Avery creates her app and goes to STEMCON where she and Casper have their first time. It, however, isn’t what she thought it will be as she realizes that she’s fallen in love with Larson. She goes back home and on trying to get some attention from Larson, gets rejected for always using him and not considering his feelings towards her. By this time Larson has moved on and she too realizes that love and sex are intertwined.

Our Rating

Sex Appeal is a good movie for anyone above 16 or should we say 18 and is just about to get into sex. Beware, you have to be 18 to participate in any sexual activity and you shouldn’t watch the movie if you are under 18. Maybe it could fly by if you are 16 but that depends on the laws of your country. Realistically though, at 16 or 17, the movie could be a good watch to help you with the knowledge one needs when starting their sex life. Even so, Sex Appeal is a nice rom-com to watch and we rate it 7.5/10. It’s naturally humorous and the humor isn’t forced or pushed down our throats, and it’s very interesting. Enjoy and please educate yourself amicably on sex and consent before getting yourself anywhere near sex.