Small Love: Are You Getting Enough Love and Should You be Wanting More?

If you’re feeling like you're getting small love then it may be your own issues that are bringing it up.

Small Love: Are You Getting Enough Love and Should You be Wanting More?
There's nothing small about love. Maybe you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Photo by Maria Teneva / Unsplash

The idea of small love comes across as a derogatory way to say love that is not substantiated i.e love that is not shown either by monetary means or by actions. Small love is a term that love ‘gurus’ or ‘experts’ use to dissuade people from being in such kind of love. But we ask, is there such a thing as small love and if not, why the bad term? Even more, are you getting enough love and should you be wanting more?

Small Love Doesn’t Exist

In our opinion, there is no such thing as small love. If someone truly loves you they will show it. They may not do it in your love language and probably because they don’t know what your love languages are but they will show it.

There is Nothing Small about Love

Love is a big thing. It’s so big that in Marvel’s comic series, it’s what calms Hulk down to his human self when he is all riled up 😤 , angry, and transformed into the monster. 👿  Therefore, hinting at there being small love is simply outright wrong. Love is huge and however little, new, or unnecessary it may feel, it’s still a big thing. I think of what killed Romeo and Juliet and I think of the enormity of love. Love is big and if you feel you’re not getting enough of or being loved the way you like, then it is better to just come out and say it and not say you’re getting small love.

Why Love may Feel Small to You

Love may feel small to you when you’re not getting what you want or expect from it. Love may also feel small when you’re not and have not communicated what it is you expect from being in love or being loved. As much as you may think small love is someone else’s fault, it could well be your own shortcomings that lead to the feeling.

Are You the Reason Why You Perceive Getting Small Love?

The honest answer is yes. If you’re feeling like you're getting small love then it may be your own issues that are bringing it up. For instance, maybe you expect your loved one or lover to show their love by spoiling you financially and buying you things. Maybe you believe that when someone loves another, they will inadvertently buy them gifts and material things to show them love. As sad as that is, love is far beyond such a small or little way of perceiving it.

Love Isn’t About Money

Love has nothing to do with money. It has a lot to do with provision, however, and that’s why even when the world did not use money people still fell in love. When I say provision, we are predisposed to cycle back to money but even the provision of a feeling of affection, safety, and fondness still suffices as love. A single rose could say I love you more than a million bucks. Love is that simple. Even a stroke of an arm could speak more of love than a kiss. 💋 As such, love itself cannot be quantified monetarily or by the perceived enormity of how it is shown or portrayed.

Love Cannot Be Quantified

I stop to think of how much I have loved someone and my mind gets lost in the process of trying to quantify that love. Love is like light, it is either there or not there. The same way it’s apparent when there’s no light and only darkness, the same way it’s also apparent whether there is love or not.

What that means is that love cannot be quantified. It is infinite ♾ and not countable or tangible as some would say. As such, when you’re out looking for big love and avoiding small love then you may get lost and not find any because your mechanism of looking for and perceiving love is inherently flawed.

Don’t Look for ‘Big Love’ because there isn’t Any

In the same way there is no small love there also isn’t big love. Love is love. It’s like drops in the ocean, there are no big drops or small drops, 💧 just drops in the ocean. 🌊 If someone truly loves you, that love is as big as the universe and at the same time as fresh as a seedling 🌱 in a budding forest. 🌳 When you’re able to see love ❤️ that way then you allow yourself an open mind and the open-mindedness to truly be loved by and love someone.

Open Yourself Up to Love

The person loving you may not have any money or come across as romantic enough to you but you should open yourself up to love. Allow your heart, body, mind, and soul to catch the small things and cherish them, and that way you, will find true love. Maybe they just bring you coffee ☕️ in the morning and you dismiss that as just friendship or just normal. Instead, appreciate the gesture however small, and you will realize that there really isn’t small love in the world.

Love Yourself First

Another reason why people buy into the idea of small love is a lack of self-love and self-appreciation. When you yourself don’t know what it is you love or what true love, including of the self is, you are more likely to end up feeling that the love you are afforded isn’t enough and is small love. Love you first and then teach yourself to recognize when someone else loves you as well. Forget the money, gifts, and grand gestures that mass media has sold to you as big love.

Forget the Money and Big/Grand Gestures

We live in a world where mass media teaches us that love is money or big/grand gestures. That when someone loves you they will fly you by helicopter 🚁 to a beautiful lake on the mountain and propose. We may even think that love is being bought that diamond ring 💍 with a huge 30+ karat diamond 💎.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Love isn’t anything that can be put on a scale or quantified monetarily. Love is a feeling as strong 💪 as the pressure used to make diamonds. Please do not give others money pressure or love pressure, including Valentine’s Day pressure, just because you are trying to avoid small love.

Feel Love, Not Hold It

Love should be felt. Like we feel the breeze of the wind 🌬 at a picnic. 🧺 Learn to be perceptive of the feeling and to not hold everything you hold dear. You may try to hold love but really you should be feeling it instead. Smile, laugh, and enjoy. ☺️ Allow yourself to be happy. Don’t live life on others’ terms or by the standards of others. Love because you feel the love and not necessarily because it’s shown to you like the dresses 👗 you see in shop windows 🪟 that anyone can buy. Love is unique and relative to the people in it.

Love is Unique and Relative

Love is unique and relative to each and every one of us. The way I feel love isn’t necessarily the way the person I love feels it. It is relative to me, my personality, and what I believe love to be. I may feel that love is being there for one another and being present due to a myriad of factors or occurrences that have affected me in life such as loss.

However, that doesn’t mean that love is the same exact thing to someone else. Someone who had never been told that they are beautiful may feel that love is being told you’re beautiful. Do you see? 👀 Love is unique and relative. Enjoy love, be happy and stay tuned for more. We love you so much 😍 here at Mania Inc. Yes. We are so madly in love with you. ♥️