Soft Life: What it is and Why You Don't Need It

It is so aloof, sorry to say, and the callousness of endorsing and believing in such an idea shocks me.

Soft Life: What it is and Why You Don't Need It
Nothing is soft about life. Not even having money makes it soft. Photo by Zachary Kadolph / Unsplash

The idea of a ‘soft life’ is something that is increasingly misleading the youth into thinking that wealth can be achieved easily. With the advent of social media and the portrayal of exuberant lifestyles therein, many youths are being drawn to engage themselves in undignified activities while seeking wealth. Many are being drawn into the idea that they can lead opulent lives and have a ‘soft life’.

What is a Soft Life?

The soft life, as sold on social media, is a life free of problems and a life where one is traveling all over the world, always on vacation, eating at the best and most expensive restaurants, and shopping for all eternity. It is a callous idea and I can’t believe that people think that that could be the reality for them, without putting in the work.

What is the Meaning of Soft Life? + Soft Life Activities

The soft life idea has also exacerbated ‘manifesting’ or essentially wishing for and attracting wealth through spiritual means. Essentially, manifesting is wishing for wealth or relationships or whatever, which is not followed up by any substantial work or effort to get the things one wants. I am sorry to burst your bubble but you can manifest all day and night and you will still not get a thing if you do not work hard.

A woman in a red dress standing in front of a private jet
There's no such thing as a soft life, there's only true wealth and those living fake lifestyles while pretending to be wealthy. Photo by Jaime Castrillon / Unsplash