Taking a Stand on Abortion

From a human point of view, we all exist primarily because we were born.

Taking a Stand on Abortion
Pro-abortion protestors in a protest. Photo by Manny Becerra / Unsplash

The issue of abortion is one of the most divisive in the country. However, the law of our land is the presiding accord that guides daily life. Numerous activists and political entities have taken a stand on this issue, and as crucial as it is to express one’s views, understanding where everyone is coming from is crucial when dissecting the issue of abortion. I am pro-life, instinctively, and as a matter of principle. The standpoint is my personal view and does not have to be someone else’s.

The Notion of Birth and When It Starts

From a human point of view, we all exist primarily because we were born. The notion of birth is not only the critical moments when the child comes out of the womb but is a culmination of nine months of intensive growth and care. Fundamentally, the idea that abortion can be a principled, moral, and legal thing to do entails an idea that has become misconstrued and misinformed.

The Need for the Provision of Safe Abortion to Women Who Are in Need of the Procedure

Women need to be empowered, and if a woman needs to undertake the procedure to be safe, healthy, and to conserve their well-being, then abortion can be considered. However, abortion for the sake of getting rid of an unborn child is wrong. It goes against the very fabric of our nation and principles as a people. Our society believes in conserving all life, allowing pregnancies to become children, and, hopefully, the future of our society.

The Inhumane Nature of Abortion

With this in mind, it would be unlawful, unjustified, and inhumane to carry out an abortion for reasons other than safety, health, and well-being. Life should become conserved without infringing on the rights, prosperity, and health of would-be mothers.