The BBI Defeats Itself

The BBI also proposes a change from the Women Representative seat to a double senate that would be equally shared between both genders.

The BBI Defeats Itself
President Uhuru Kenyatta trying to do some PR and publicization of the BBI by posing with it for a photo. Source: Standard.

The building bridges initiative is good in theory. It seeks to bring Kenyans together in a way that ensures that elections do not lead to violence. That is a good thing and a good thought. However, in practice, the BBI is a failure in that it has holes that are leaking its goodness without even needing poking.

BBI: The President Will Be The One to Appoint a Prime Minister

The first is the appointment of the would-be prime minister by the president. That translates to the president having the call for the prime ministership and even possibly the sway of the leader of the government. Again, why need a prime minister appointed by the president to lead the government if the president will be the head of state. When there is a prime minister, then the expectation would be that the prime minister will head the government, and the president will be ceremonial or symbolic. The BBI fails to strike a balance there and would possibly duplicate power in a way that is not healthy for the country.