The Importance of Living with Less and Why Less is Sometimes More

In the process of seeking to lead better lives and as justified as that is, we have collectively failed to learn what living with less means

The Importance of Living with Less and Why Less is Sometimes More
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Living with less is all about learning to adapt. We should learn to adapt or risk facing ruin.  When times get hard, we should all have the internal strength to push us through toughness and tough times. In the current pandemic and the consequent lockdown, we all have learned lessons on what it means to live with less. Less in the sense that we got asked to stay in. To leave the outside and isolate ourselves in our homes. Living with less is something we don’t usually think about or have to do, especially as the world has become increasingly inclined towards consumerism.

Living with Less and Helping Mitigate the Climate Crisis

Our excesses have led the world into a climate crisis and increased anxiety about what climate change will mean for the generations to come. We have cared little for mother nature, and all over the world, we are feeling the consequences. Oceans are rising, glaciers melting, and polar ice caps melting. The world is at a point of inflection. A crossroads between how we lead our lives and our lifestyles, and what we need to do or not do, to ensure that future generations have a world they can live within.

Living with Less as a Stance against Consumerism

Life in the 21st century is all about the products we buy, the houses we live in, our jobs, the kind of cars we drive, and mostly how ahead we get in life. In the process of seeking to lead better lives and as justified as that is, we have collectively failed to learn what living with less means. Living with less is not lacking this or that, but it is about having more by giving more. Giving can be in the form of helping conserve the environment and educating others on how to lead less consumerist lives. We need to educate ourselves and others on how we can all become sustainable and lead our lives sustainably.

Why Less is Sometimes More

Nobody is in the wrong for leading good, satisfactory, and even lavish lives. We can find ways to have more and give more as a way to ensure that we take care of our surroundings. The future is in our hands and how we choose to lead our lives. The world has, for centuries, depended on fossil fuels and unclean sources of energy.

Such dependence is much to the detriment of the environment. Today, we are all learning more about what we need to do to ensure that we have cleaner sources of energy and, consequently, a more sustainable and greener environment. As young people, we need to let our inner beauty shine by helping educate everybody on the climate crisis and the consequences of climate change.

The Personal Dimension of Living with Less

Living with less also has a personal dimension. As individuals, we have our budgeting and financial plans on what we can and cannot afford. In normal circumstances, we can almost afford a lot, and that’s okay. However, when something happens like the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown, and there is a global financial downturn, we are most likely to bear the brunt of a lack of financial stability. Think about it. If you lose a job and there is nowhere else you can seek financial help; the consequences can be dire.

Cushioning Oneself from Financial Downturns

As such, we all need to find a way to cushion ourselves and our finances from taking a hit every time the economy weakens. Personal finances are a matter of having limits. The better one can hold off their wants and desires, the better they can weather a financial storm. Everyone should have a budget, and it should be one that is in touch with reality. If you can, save as much money as possible somewhere, you can’t easily access it and forget about it. It will save you in a bad situation and can help mitigate some of the negative impacts of losing a job or lacking one altogether.

Living with Less to Ensure Health and Wellness

When it comes to health and wellness, living with less is a skill. We won’t all get it in terms of what it means for our health or even have the will to lead healthier lives. Conditions like obesity can be a negative consequence of taking too much sugar and junk food. Being a sweet tooth and lacking the will to lead a healthier life can lead an individual to health issues, including diabetes, and high blood pressure, among others.

Balancing Junk Food with Healthy Meals

In this light, living with less is learning how to balance junk food and healthy meals such as fruits and vegetables. Leading a healthy life could also entail some time in the gym or getting conversant with yoga. Wellness is a choice of life, and we should all find ways to lead healthier lives and involve ourselves more with mindfulness. It is part of living with less, that is, less sugar and junk foods and learning to eat healthily, and exercising.

Learning How to Reduce Wastage as Part of Living with Less

Living with less also entails learning how to produce less waste effectively and how to deal with garbage. We should all learn to reduce, reuse, or recycle. We should all conserve energy and water. The world needs our collective effort to ensure and, in some ways, insure sustainability. There are arguments that if I chose to be sustainable and not everyone else does, there will be no significant impact on the environment. It is not true. Yes, we all need to make an effort, however small, so that we can collectively have a positive impact on the environment.

Why Living with Less Matters in the Bigger Picture of Things

On the other hand, those who choose to do well and be sustainable can help the world become greener and more sustainable with even the littlest effort. Over time, such efforts become momentous. Think of it this way, if you plant a tree today, it may not start collecting a vast amount of CO2 from the air right away, but with time it will join other trees. It will become part of a forest that is a full-fledged carbon store. We also need to travel more to enable conservancies and parks to acquire needed financial support to undertake environmental conservation activities.

Environmental Conservation

Living with less is not always about limitations and can also mean doing more. We need to get our hands dirty and plant as many trees as possible. It is our responsibility as the current generation to lead our younger ones into an environmentally-conscious future.

The Importance of Tree Planting and Why We Should Make it a Family Affair

Tree planting should become a family affair, and we should all seek to take part in tree planting and other environmental initiatives. By just giving a day every few weeks, we can ensure that the world is not overwhelmed by our excesses. Consumerism is negatively influencing the planet and our lives right now. The world is warmer today than it has ever been. As such, we need to do more to take care of our world. Our health, wellness, and mindfulness depend on it.