The Importance of Prayer and How to Do It Right

We cannot truly know or understand God, and prayer is our way to reach out and recognize and worship God.

The Importance of Prayer and How to Do It Right
Photo by Jack Sharp / Unsplash

Prayer is the only form of direct communication that you and I can have with God. As we saw in religiosity, we are a society that depends on God and calls on Him to fulfill our needs and wants. We live most of our lives learning about God and wanting to learn more about what we can do to please Him and to live according to His will. God loves all of us just the way we are, and Jesus Christ, His son, loves us just for being ourselves. God is love, and the more one grows and discovers life, the more one feels the presence of God.

The Structure of Prayer: What Should You Say in Your Prayer?

Prayer has been around for millennia, and even before the birth of Jesus, there was prayer in one form or another. Prayer can be structured as in the Catholic faith and can become guided by several sets of written prayers. These include the Lord’s Prayer, Our Father's Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed, and Hail Mary, among others. On the other hand, prayer can be randomized or unstructured like in the protestant faith, where prayer gets done as per one’s conviction.

The Symbols of Prayer: Do You Need an Object to Pray with?

The Catholic faith is also fond of the rosary and having graphical or physical depictions of Jesus Christ and His death on the cross. Protestant denominations, however, are less inclined to have physical or graphical representations of Jesus Christ. Instead, there are sermons, prayers, or song material that may have pictures of Jesus. Protestant faiths are not inclined to set prayers but can have some specific prayers that are structured or written as per the particular church and its theology.