The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review

The movie starts with Mr. Anderson (Keanu Reeves) in the matrix under the influence of blue pills that keep him there.

The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review
Keanu to the Reeves! Source: TV Insider.

The Matrix Ressurections is a 2021 sequel to the 1999 movie ‘The Matrix’. With such a huge hit at its fore, The Matrix Resurrections fell heavily below expectations. The movie is not that bad but could have been worlds better and I mean that literally.

Mr. Anderson

The movie starts with Mr. Anderson (Keanu Reeves) in the matrix under the influence of blue pills that keep him there. He is a gaming programmer who founded the game ‘The Matrix’ but keeps on getting these visions of his past life as Neo. He hugely thinks that his mind is playing tricks on him, showing him inside his game. In truth though, his visions are flashbacks of his past life as Neo.


Mr. Anderson finally stumbles on his Neo reality and his former acquaintance turned gaming code combo Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). Morpheus dares him to take the red pill and go back to his reality as Neo. He, however, holds back at first fearing that he is seeing a dream and that the matrix is not real. A good reason for this is that his shrink, the Analyst, keeps telling him that his visions as Neo are creations of his own mind.

Rescuing Trinity

Fast forward and Neo reunites with his former friends and is now trying to save his long-time love, Trinity (Carrie Anne-Moss). He returns to his world and works with Morpheus and his team to get Trinity out of the matrix by going into it and rescuing her. Machines work with humans now and can even grow crops in Neo’s world. Through the help of Sati, a machine played by Priyanka Chopra, they rescue Trinity from the lie of the life she is led to believe is hers in the matrix. The movie caps with Neo and Trinity visiting the Analyst for some payback.

Our Rating

Overall an average movie that calls too much on the 1999 original, even showing clips and quoting The Matrix. It starts as one of those movies that are too difficult to understand but then morphs slowly into being The Matrix but just not as exciting or action-packed as is expected. Not a bad watch but it’s a movie I’d only see in the cinema for its cinematography and fashion (costumes). I’d give it a 6 and I still feel like I’ve given it a lot. I was only excited to see Kenyan actor Mumbi Maina feature in the movie as Ellster. Well done Mumbi and Congratulations!