The Most Exciting and Most Debilitating Transfers Ahead of the 2022/23 EPL Season

Former Man City star, Raheem Sterling made a move to Chelsea where he will now be under Thomas Tuchel.

The Most Exciting and Most Debilitating Transfers Ahead of the 2022/23 EPL Season
Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling were transferred out of Manchester City. Source: Sporting.

August is nearly here and our beloved league is just around the corner. Amid the excitement, there have been some exciting and also debilitating transfers ahead of the next season. The transfer window closes with numerous teams having been upended by their star players leaving while others are excited to have capable stars join their ranks. Let’s look into the most exciting and most debilitating transfers ahead of the 2022/23 EPL season.

Raheem Sterling Moves to Chelsea

Former Man City star, Raheem Sterling made a move to Chelsea where he will now be under Thomas Tuchel. Raheem has been instrumental in Manchester City’s success and seeing him leave must have been debilitating for Pep Guardiola and also his teammates. What will now happen in the Man City forward is yet to be seen as many speculate that Kevin De Bruyne will now have to go to center forward. Chelsea also signed Napoli star, Koulibaly.

Sadio Mane Transfers to Real Madrid

Another debilitating move is Sadio Mane’s transfer from Liverpool to Real Madrid. Despite being a good move for Mane’s career progression, it also means that Liverpool will now have to contend without one of their best goal-scorers. Mane and Salah also had good chemistry in the front and now Salah will have to find his replacement to man the left wing as he mans the right. What will happen to Liverpool could be a lowering of the quality of their play but they might just cope and continue doing very well without Mane.

Gabriel Jesus moves to Arsenal

In what was a surprising transfer and choice of team, Man City’s Gabriel Jesus transferred to Arsenal, an unlikely choice and a team that has been flailing in the league. What this means is that beyond losing Raheem Sterling, Manchester City will be further debilitated by the transfer of Jesus. He’s been a godsend to them and losing him means that yet another player, most likely Grealish, will have to move to the fore and coordinate with De Bruyne to ensure Man City’s dominance in the league remains unscathed.

Paul Pogba Transfers to Juventus

In what I would call a bitter-sweet transfer, Manchester United’s Paul Pogba transferred to Juventus. Pogba was greedy and demanded 20 million Euros from Man United but on refusal by the club’s management, had to settle for 14 million Euros from Juventus.

Will Man United suffer without Pogba?

Likely not. Manchester United have more than enough stars and capable players to take his place, starting with Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, and the G.O.A.T himself, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo Leave Man United for Chelsea?

There have been rumors that Cristiano may leave United and transfer to Chelsea but that is unlikely and yet to be seen. I’m sure Sir. Alex Ferguson will speak him out of it. Moreover, Man United need CR7 now more than ever, and may better his contractual terms to see him stay.

Other Transfers in Other Leagues

Robert Lewandowski moves to Barcelona

Bayern Munich’s star forward, Robert Lewandowski transferred to FC. Barcelona after feeling he has accomplished all he wanted to accomplish with the German side. Despite the move being debilitating for Bayern, who may just cope with players such as Serge Gnabry, it is exciting for Barcelona. Barcelona have been reeling ever since Messi left, and needed a new leader. Lewandowski may just fill those shoes and steer Barca back to its winning ways. He left Bayern after having scored more than 300 goals for the team in seven seasons. Incredible. Barcelona also brought in Rapinha who will further strengthen their team.

Will Kylian Mbappe leave Paris Saint-Germain?

Definitely yes. Kylian Mbappe will leave PSG as he has wanted to since before the start of last season. He remains a valuable player for PSG, however, and since their forward became strengthened by the arrival of Messi, Mbappe may just have more keeping him in PSG than out of it. No player complains too much about being on the same side as World’s Greatest Football Player, Lionel Messi.