The Pain of Losing a Baby and How to Heal From It

A miscarriage can happen to anyone regardless of their social status, wealth, race, culture, and even geographical location.

The Pain of Losing a Baby and How to Heal From It
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Losing a baby and the pain that comes with it cannot be put into words.

John Legend and His Wife Chrissy Announce that they Lost a Baby

Recently, John Legend and his wife Chrissy revealed that they had lost their would-be third child, Jack. I cannot imagine the pain and devastation they are going through and the devastation that many other families, who have lost a child, have gone through. This particular topic is one that breaks my heart and is so painful for me. I felt that I had an ethical responsibility to talk about it, even as it may not be something I would want to talk about.

The Increasing Rate of Teenage Pregnancies

In this light, please bear with me, and if you are under 18, then this article may not be for you. Pains me even to acknowledge that many children under the age of 18 are expectant and may face miscarriages at their young age. Teenage pregnancy is unfortunate, and we wish all the would-be teenage mothers a safe pregnancy, and even resumption to school after the baby is born.