The Sea Beast Movie Review

Captain Crow is a legendary sea beast hunter who has had so many kills on his iconic ship, The Inevitable, that there are books written about his exploits.

The Sea Beast Movie Review
The Sea Beast is one of our favorite animation films for 2022. Source: Netflix.
Beware of Spoilers!

The Sea Beast is a 2022 Netflix animation film that is about a girl who joins sea beast hunters. Maisie, an orphaned child of former sea beast hunters, runs away from the Children’s home; and stows away on The Inevitable. She has dreamt of being a sea hunter all her young life and ends up in a dilemma on whether that is what she really ought to be doing. The Sea Beast animation film is directed by Chris Williams who co-wrote the screenplay with Nell Benjamin.

Captain Crow

Voiced by Jared Harris, Captain Crow is a legendary sea beast hunter who has had so many kills on his iconic ship, The Inevitable, that there are books written about his exploits. Captain Crow is keen to find and kill his nemesis sea monster, the Red Bluster. He does all he can to find it and kill it but is derailed by a hunter’s code; which demands that he saves fellow hunters when under attack by a sea monster.

Jacob Holland

Jacob Holland who is voiced by Karl Urban is a formidable sea monster hunter himself. He is Captain Crow’s apprentice and protege and the Captain expects that he will go on to take over The Inevitable and be its captain once he retires. Captain Crow is keen to kill the Red Buster before he does, and chooses it as his last mission and last hoorah.

Maisie Brumble

Voiced by Zaris-Angel Hator, Maisie Brumble is an orphan girl whose parents were killed in a sea monster attack on their ship. She is now residing in the Glueston Children’s Home and is fascinated by the tales of Captain Crow and his hunt for sea monsters. When Captain Crow and his ship come back with the sea horns they have collected, Maisie grabs the chance to meet Jacob and get acquainted with him.

Royals Baying for Blood

On presenting the horns of their kills during the voyage, the Royals are unimpressed as the Inevitable didn’t catch the Red Bluster. The Royals set a duel for Captain Crow and the Inevitable where they have to compete with the Royal Ship, The Imperator, on who will catch and kill the Red Bluster.

Stow Away

Maisie is so fascinated by Captain Crow and the Inevitable that she stows away on their ship. She is, however, discovered while on the sea and her spirit impresses Captain Crow who agrees that she can stay, much to Jacob’s despise. Jacob doesn’t want her staying but Captain Crow instructs his first mate, Sarah Sharpe, voiced by Marianne Jean-Baptiste, to take her in and show her the ropes.

The Red Buster

On relocating the Red Buster, Maisie and Jacob end up being swallowed by the beast and vanish into the fog. Captain Crow is awed and their efforts to attack the sea monster fail and the crew is left in awe when the two are swallowed.

Inside the Belly of the Sea Beast

Maisie and Jacob find themselves inside the belly of the beast and try to find a way to get themselves out. Jacob locates the sea beast’s nostrils and the two sit there. An arrow they were carrying rubs off against the walls of the Red Buster’s nostrils and it sneezes them out onto an island.

Nowhere Island

On the island, Maisie discovers a little blue monster who she becomes friends with. They discover that they are in a hatchery of monsters and on stepping on the shells, the little monsters start to hatch out. They end up being chased by hundreds of the little monsters and eventually, their mother.

Red to the Rescue

To their surprise, the Red Buster comes to their rescue. This act of giving a helping hand makes Maisie question whether the sea monsters are what they are taken to be. Maisie discovers that the Red Buster, now nicknamed Red, can be nice and isn’t out to eat people needlessly. Both Jacob and Maisie hitch a ride on Red to an island, Rum Pepper Island, where they will get help to go back home.

Crow and his Cronies

On getting back, they met the Inevitable and Captain Crow. Captain Crow and his cronies are still keen on killing Red and go for the attack. By this time, Captain Crow had sought poison from a witch, Gwen Batterbie, and a massive weapon termed ‘the hand of god’. The massive spear is used to shoot the sea monster and injects poison into Red. Red is now unconscious and is dragged to the kingdom to be shown to the king.

The Royal Lie

Maisie on reaching the castle is angry at both Captain Crow and the King and Queen. Jacob too has realized that the sea monsters had only been defending themselves against the constant aggression of the humans. Maisie makes a case for the sea beast and demands that it be released. She shows that all the books and materials that made the sea monsters appear as bad, human-eating monsters, were all funded by the Royals.

It was all a lie, a campaign against the innocent sea monsters, and a vendetta by the crown. Maisie and Jacob fight Crow who is eager to execute Red publicly. Red is eventually released and let out to sea again and humans and sea monsters live peacefully ever after.

Our Rating

The Sea Beast is a thrilling movie to watch. Very well animated and a good family-friendly watch. We loved it and give it a 9/10. It does impeccably well in delivering the storyline and having enough tinges of humor to keep the whole thing interesting.