The Significance of the Sun Shining

The sun allows the world and the earth to be what they are, environments that facilitate life and ensure that we can flourish and be nurtured.

The Significance of the Sun Shining
Photo by Sabine Ojeil / Unsplash

I love the sun, and I feel bad when I say something negative about it when it is too hot. The sun is a ball of fire, a literal hot ball that illuminates light in our solar system. It is a device of heat and light and a powerful part of what the world is. The sun is arguably the most powerful, crucial, and required body of the solar system that is not a planet.

The Sun as a Source of Life

The sun fuels life in more ways than we can imagine. In plants, it facilitates photosynthesis and allows plants to flourish. In humans, it provides light, a sense of time, and vitamin D, a critical vitamin necessary for human survival, nutrition, and overall health. The sun also allows and facilitates rain formation as it allows for the evaporation of water and later gives way to the condensation of clouds and vaporized water to form rain.