The Social Media Phenomenon and How It is Changing Our Lives

The emergence of social media created a new culture of being popular or ‘famous’ online.

The Social Media Phenomenon and How It is Changing Our Lives
Photo by Adem AY / Unsplash

‘The Social Media Phenomenon’ is what I call the intent and desire by people on social media to become famous online. On Instagram, for instance, I feel like everybody is trying to be ‘Instafamous.’ The social media phenomenon is a consequence of the innovation and invention of social networking and social networking sites or social media.

The emergence of social media created a new culture of being popular or ‘famous’ online. This culture is where people with a large following do all they can to display a splendor lifestyle, riches, and endless trips worldwide. The unfortunate thing is that more and more people are trying to mimic the said lifestyle while trying to be famous online.

Social Media For Good

In my view, the social media phenomenon is unfortunate, even as social networking has created entirely new ways of communicating and networking with one another. All of us can use social media for good, and numerous individuals and organizations employ social media as a tool for positive change. Numerous social networking accounts advocate for meaningful causes such as mitigating climate change, organic living, environmental conservation, and creating awareness around issues such as mental health, stigma, and loss, among many others.

We can also use social media positively to protest or advocate for health, better leadership, and social justice. In my view, being on social media should be a positive thing, and one should see a social media account as a blank canvas for expressing one’s personality, interests, hobbies, and who one is. Let your social media accounts reflect your actual social life.


Social networking sites flourish out of the social media phenomenon as it encourages more and more users to create content while trying to be famous. As a result, the sites can acquire a lot of traffic, translating to advertisement revenue. As more and more people try to be famous online, it is the social networking companies and tech giants that benefit at the end of the day.

Therefore, in my view, users should be careful not to be used by social media to consume advertisements but rather use social networks as platforms for authenticity, self-expression, and creativity. We cannot all become famous, and we should not lose ourselves while trying to be famous online.

The Fame Lifestyle

The ‘fame’ lifestyle is a creation of different individuals in their attempt and pursuit of online fame. There will always be someone taking a trip somewhere, living in a mansion, driving an expensive car, and appearing to live a grandiose lifestyle. Therefore, it would be pointless to chase such an appearance and fame by creating a fake impression of being rich or living a grand lifestyle. In my view, the use of social media should not be to seek such fame but to express oneself authentically and without taking social media platforms too seriously.

As I would say, “have fun with it.” I saw a movie called ‘Fake Famous’ where the director bought fake followers, likes, and comments for participants to create the impression that they were famous online. The unfortunate thing is that through creating that impression of fame, real people actually followed the participants, and one of them even got to a quarter-million followers on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram for more.


The social media phenomenon created “influencers’; who are individuals who are tasked with advertising brands and products for numerous companies at a fee. We cannot all become influencers. Even though it may seem lucrative to receive all these ‘gifts’ from a wide range of companies, in exchange for mentioning or tagging them on social media, it is better to have your own unique expression of life on social media.

There is no shame in living your life the way you do and sharing what you think is meaningful content online. By trying to be famous online instead, you would become overly disappointed in not having ‘enough’ followers or likes, develop social anxiety, and even be more discouraged to express your authentic self and personality. You would end up scouring the internet for ‘gaining’ tips, much to the detriment of your authenticity as a social media.

Gaining Tips

There is no secret to acquiring a large following on social media and what I have found to be effective is increasing your user engagement. The best way to grow your following is to do it organically which entails following, liking, and commenting on others’ posts as a way to increase your own following, likes, and comments. Even with a small following, you can still enjoy social networking and connect with people with shared interests and hobbies.

Create a social media feed that is authentically you and expresses your personality and who you are. You never know, there will be others who share in your interests, and over time, your following will grow. You do not need to show a pompous lifestyle to have growth on social media. In my view, it is better to unfollow any social media accounts or users that make you feel intimidated or demeaned. These are some of the negative social media effects.


Follow the social media accounts that express authenticity and the interests that intrigue you and those you can relate to and relate to the point you are at in your life. Be careful not to get lost in the madness of seeking online fame or getting addicted to social media and curated or fake lifestyles. It is shocking to realize the extent influencers will go to while creating a fake impression of lavishness.

An example is posting photos while being on a trip during the COVID-19 lockdown when nobody could go on trips. Always think about and question what you see on social media. Do not let fake lifestyles on social media make you feel like you are not living as good a life as anyone else. Love yours, love yourself, and love your life.