The True Meaning of Independence and How to Live an Independent Life

In modern society, being independent is having your own view of the world.

The True Meaning of Independence and How to Live an Independent Life
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The independence of thought, mind, body, and action is crucial to how one can fully accomplish what one intends to do in life. Independence, for centuries now, has been neglected and denied to so many people in so many places and for so many reasons.

Colonialism and How It Curtailed Independence

One of the many ways independence has gotten historically curtailed is through colonialism. Colonialism got used as a way to vilify and enslave generations of people of color. Colonialists sought to and accomplished the enslavement of numerous generations of individuals from all over the world.

The Effects of Colonialism Still Being Felt Today

Today, their actions have instigated movements regarding social justice and anti-hate movements. Colonialists were praised and made into legends. They got seen as men and women of great prowess and power. However, today, the tide has shifted, and their statues are getting knocked down in cities all over the world.

Independence as a Foundation to Fulfillment in Life

Independence is about taking one’s own right to ensure that they are never enslaved or vilified. It ensures that independent people have the right to their individual legal and personal freedoms. To have the power to have ability. Independence is not about being alone or a lone person. It is about having the liberty and dignity to be yourself or your own person.

Independence and Equality

To live and breathe without any unnecessary and unwarranted interference from others. Independence also denotes equality. We are all independent because we are equal. We are all equal also because we are independent. The two are the foundations of living a just and fulfilling life.

What is the True Meaning of Independence in the Modern World

In modern society, being independent is having your own view of the world. Diverse worldviews are prevailing, but they are generalized in a way that does not earmark independence. Independence is not a theory or a school of thought but an actual right to have rights. We are all entitled by law and other considerations to have our rights.

Daring to Allow Yourself Independence

Independence is when these rights get afforded to us, and when we dare to allow ourselves to be independent. Even when society hands us a blueprint for what life can be, as independents so to speak, we seek more. To go beyond what the perceived potential is, to be better, and do better.

The Imbalance of Liberties when Independence is Denied

Independence has been sought after for decades if not centuries. The world is the world it is today due to the numerous efforts by many of our forefathers against colonialism. Colonialists looted and purged our land as a way to enrich themselves and acquire raw materials.

Colonialism and How It Demeaned Our Culture

Today, we are increasingly aware of the various ways colonialism and its numerous forms got used to demean and undermine our culture, way of life, and society in the past generations. When independence is taken away or denied, there follows an imbalance of liberties that is often corrected by upheaval. Police brutality is today’s form of the denial of independence, and the current protests are the upheaval that it has brought.

Have you ever been to a protest?

Protests and Why Independence Can also be a Collective Need

Protests are today appreciated as ways to signal a problem in the various ways organizations or governments conduct their business. Protests don’t just occur and are often the culmination of bruised independence. A lot of what society today appreciates as bureaucracy got founded on the hallmarks of independence, when it is afforded, and being denied to people from all walks of life. Are we independent? Well, we are if we think we are and we are not if we believe we are not. Independence is very much a personal thing as much as it can be collective.

Why You Need a Personal Path to Independence

Being independent is having a path for yourself and not seeking the confirmation or approval of others to be yourself. Independence is being first and letting the world deal with your being later. It is not so much about asking questions or finding reasons not to be. It is about being. To be is to have an own system of guiding daily life and one’s lifestyle.

Morality as a Form of Independence

Morality can be a form of independence in this light when does not get tied to other values. If a condition has need to get met for a decision to be moral, then the decision is not independent. Being ethical, moral, or independent is all a matter of choice and businesses allow themselves some independence by separating the three and treating each as its own standpoint.

The Importance of Commercial Independence

When corporations undertake business in a way that inflicts on the liberties of consumers, they deny the consumers their independence. Consumers can only be independent when they have alternatives to the numerous products they buy. As such, when corporations undertake unfair competitive practices, they deny consumers their liberties in terms of having enough market alternatives to purchase from.

How Monopolization Curtails Commercial Independence

The monopolization of the market is a denial of independence. Markets are much like society. They evolve when all entities can be independent. Systems, including markets, cannot function on their own. They need dependencies and interdependencies to ensure that all market players have equal opportunities. When the opportunity gets afforded to everyone, all entities, businesses, and corporations can be independent while still depending on the protections offered by the market to operate.

Independence and Happiness: Why You Can Only be Truly Happy when You are Fully Independent

Independence becomes interwoven with happiness. We can only be truly happy if we are independent. It occurs when we project independence and when independence is afforded to us by society, governments, and other entities. Independence ensures that nations live in peace, harmony, and unity.

Independence as a Part of Culture

Independence is a part of culture, and society can only be genuinely whole if it is independent. Independent people allow themselves to grow and the time to grow. Independent people are happy because they are whole. They can genuinely pursue actual happiness as they have the mentality and environment to do so. A lack of independence can lead to societal issues, including gun violence.

What It Means to Have Personal Independence

An independent person is self-planned, self-thinking, and self-directed. Independence allows for internal control, self-control, and ambition. All independence is functional independence primarily when it gets channeled to doing right, and enabling others to be independent. When we can all be independent, then society heals, and we are better people to ourselves and others.

The Pride and Joy of Independence

Independence is a strong word and is itself a declaration of strength, dignity, and liberty. When nations become independent, they declare it and seek to preserve and conserve their sovereignty. In the same manner, we should all seek to be independent in thought, mind, body, and action. Only then can life truly be fulfilling and allow us to find happiness.