The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent Movie Review

The glory days of acting for Nick Cage are done and he has to prove himself worthy of new major roles.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent Movie Review
Nicholas Cage stars in the Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Source: Lionsgate Films.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is a 2022 action-comedy Nicholas Cage movie that is a refreshing depiction where he plays himself. Nick Cage is a struggling actor whose glory days have gone past him. He is in search of the role of a lifetime and comes across an unlikely ally Javi Guttierez, played by Pedro Pascal. In what becomes a great adventure, Nick Cage ends up with a heavy responsibility to save his daughter Addy, played by Lily Mo Sheen, and a story that is worth telling.

A Flailing Career

The glory days of acting for Nick Cage are done and he has to prove himself worthy of new major roles. He struggles to get a grip on a career-changing and once-in-a-lifetime role and ends up on a plane to Mallorca, Spain for a birthday party appearance. That’s where he meets his eccentric but shy host, Javi.


Javi comes across as a shy but eccentric character. He is very much a man who loves movies and has a script that he wants Nick Cage to read. Nick’s friend and agent, Richard Fink, played by Neil Patrick Harris, however, doesn’t show him the screenplay and attests to its mediocrity. Javi aspires to become a movie director and ‘shamanic thespian’, as Nick Cage calls himself. He invites Nick Cage to Mallorca and they kindle an unlikely friendship.

The Cartel

Nick Cage is, suddenly, kidnapped by the CIA who asks him to spy on Javi. According to them, Javi is a dangerous drug dealer who’s kidnapped the daughter of the president of Catalonia, Mr. Delgado. The cartel wants Mr. Delgado to step down from vying for re-election and kidnaps his daughter Maria to persuade him.

Nick Cage’s Family

As a father of one, his daughter Addy and now divorced from his ex-wife, Olivia Henson, played by Sharon Horgan, Nick Cage struggles to balance work and family. He is more often than not talking about himself and his movies and is hardly present, jumping from role to role. Even worse, when he is present, his face is sunk into a script and this culminates in a broken marriage and a daughter who he feels out of touch with.


Nick Cage is surprisingly having a great time in Mallorca. He, however, has to spy on Javi. He is guided by CIA agents Vivian Etten, played by Tiffany Haddish, and Martin Etten, played by Ike Barinholtz. He ends up planting some cameras but is discovered. As it turns out, Javi is not the drug cartel boss, his cousin Lucas, played by Paco León, is. Lucas discovers that Cage is working with the CIA and threatens to kill Javi if he doesn’t kill Cage first.


Javi poses as the figurehead of the cartel. Due to the risks of this business, he cannot be with his love Gabriela, played by Alessandra Mastronardi. He is thrust into his cousin Lucas’ shadow and isn’t the actual mark that Cage should be spying on. His cousin Lucas is. He, however, loves Nick Cage too much and cannot bring himself to kill him.


Lucas kidnaps Cage’s daughter Addy after she and Olivia were flown to Spain by Javi. Javi thought they needed to talk so that Cage could clear out any unsolved issues he had with them. According to him, they were affecting his work. Javi was absolutely right but having Cage’s family there inevitably exposes them to danger, especially now that Cage is discovered to be spying for the U.S. government.


Cage and Javi fight to secure themselves and their loved ones. Cage masquerades himself as Sergio, a drug dealer who’s looking to make a deal with Lucas. He infiltrates Lucas’ fortress to save Addy and Maria but is soon discovered. Cage gets himself out of the sticky situation thanks also to help from Javi. Javi has to stand up to Lucas and he and Gabriela abandon the escape to remain and fight Lucas.

A Character-Driven Adult Film

Cage decides to have Javi join him in making a film as part of his cover. The two contemplate and decide they will make a character-driven, mature film for adults. They speculate on the chapters/acts of the film and end up conceding that they will need a movie that will reach a broader audience. They shift from their character-driven and ‘mature’ film to a more appealing self-inspired story that takes the shape of a blockbuster. The movie mirrors their journey since meeting each other and their scuffle with Lucas. They even have Demi Moore act in the film as Cage’s wife and Anna MacDonald as their daughter. It’s an unsurprising success.

Our Rating

A very refreshing movie, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is a beautiful mix of reality and fiction. Nicholas Cage’s portrayal of himself is genius and flawless. The movie also asks important questions about acting, art, and friendship. It shows that sacrifices have to be made for successful careers, but family still comes first. Even more, you can meet friends who will feel like they have been longtime friends. We loved the movie and its pockets of humor and rate it 7.5/10. Enjoy and what a nice near-life depiction.