The WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022 Event

Have your bug spray in hand, wear boots, don’t overdress, and more especially, carry some sunscreen and a hat.

The WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022 Event
The WRC Safari Rally is Coming Back to Kenya for a 2nd installment. Source: WRC.

The WRC Safari Rally Kenya is coming back for its 2022 installment, giving fans and spectators another chance to enjoy high-speed adrenaline in a lush and erene Kenyan landscape. WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022 is slated to start on the 23rd of June 2022 and end on the 26th of June 2022.

WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022 Venue

WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022 will have numerous venues mostly centering on Naivasha and the surrounding areas and national parks. The event will, however, start in the capital city, Nairobi, with a side-by-side super special later that afternoon in Kasarani, which is northeast of Nairobi's city center.

WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022 Date

The WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022 event will run between the 23rd and 26th of June this year. It will be a three-day motor racing and motorsports event that will put drivers head to head in some of the roughest terrains, but also against a backdrop of plush Kenyan beauty and wildlife.

WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022 Itinerary

The proposed itinerary for the WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022 is as follows.

Wednesday, June 22

13:00: Shakedown in Loldia, 3.36 miles

Thursday, June 23

12:45: Start at the Kenyatta International Conference Center, KICC, Nairobi CBD

14:07: Special Stage One (SS1) in Kasarani, 3 miles

Friday, June 24

08:00: Special Stage Two (SS2) in Loldia, 11.77 miles

09:17: Special Stage Three (SS3) in Geothermal One, 7.45 miles

10:10: Special Stage Four (SS4) in Kedong One, 19.42 miles

11:18: Service/Servicing in Naivasha

13:13: Special Stage Five (SS5) in Loldia Two, 11.77 miles

14:31: Special Stage Six (SS6) in Geothermal Two, 7.45 miles

15:24: Special Stage Seven (SS7) in Kedong Two, 19.42 miles

16:32: Service/ Servicing in Naivasha

Saturday, June 25

08:10: Special Stage Eight (SS8) in Soysambu One, 18.02 miles

09:07: Special Stage Nine (SS9) in Elementaita One, 9.32 miles

10:05: Special Stage Ten (SS10) in Sleeping Warrior One, 14.29 miles

11:40: Service in Naivasha

14:13: Special Stage Eleven (SS11) in Soysambu Two, 18.02 miles

15:07: Special Stage Twelve (SS12) in Elementaita Two, 9.32 miles

16:05: Special Stage Thirteen (SS13)  in Sleeping Warrior Two, 14.29 miles

17: 40: Service in Naivasha

Sunday, June 26

07:25: Special Stage Fourteen (SS14) in Oserian One, 10.56 miles

08:35: Special Stage Fifteen (SS15) in Narasha One, 12.42 miles

09:37: Special Stage Sixteen (SS16) in Hell’s Gate One, 6.83 miles

10:43: Service in Naivasha

11:30: Special Stage Seventeen (SS17) in Oserian Two, 10.56 miles

12:39: Special Stage Eighteen (SS18) in Narasha Two, 12.42 miles

14:17: Special Stage Nineteen (SS19) in Hell’s Gate Two, 6.83 miles

15:00: Finish/Race End

Where to Get Tickets

Spectator information is yet to be released for the WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022. Usually, some of the stages invite fans to spectate and it's actually a spectacle as the cars leave the Start point in Nairobi and head to Naivasha. Therefore, as we wait for spectator information, please be sure to make adequate travel arrangements if you will be visiting Kenya from abroad.

What to Expect

WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2022 is an adrenaline-full affair. It’s loud, fast, and in the wild. As such, please ensure that you are really prepared for anything.

Dress Light but Also Have Some Boots On

Have your bug spray in hand, wear boots, don’t overdress, and more especially, carry some sunscreen and a hat. It will be mad sunny. However, it could also rain so be prepared for a very very muddy experience if it does. The soil in parts of Naivasha is mostly alluvial soils (volcanic origin and sandy) and it gets very sticky especially when stepped on by many people.

In terms of the vehicles to bring or hire, if possible have a 4x4 offroading vehicle. You will be heavily disappointed if you show up with something less capable, if you are serious that is. Also, be aware that the traffic jam during the event can be overwhelming and usually stretches for miles. As such, ensure you have enough food and water before leaving any town.


Make early plans for accommodation. Naivasha has some really nice hotels but I’m sure the bookings are already flying in like Sebastian Ogier when he touches the road. Oh, also read our WWRC Safari Rally 2021 Highlights and Results. Enjoy and be prepared also for a camping or semi-camping experience in the wild. Safe travels. <3