Thor: Love and Thunder Movie Review

Thor: Love and Thunder lightens the mood with a hilarious display of a Thor that is struggling to cope with the past, while still taking on the monsters and villains of the present.

Thor: Love and Thunder Movie Review
Thor: Love and Thunder is so much fun. Source: Disney +
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Thor: Love and Thunder is a 2022 blockbuster movie by Marvel based on Marvel Comics. It is a sequel to Thor: Ragnarok and is the latest film of the Thor franchise that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Thor: Love and Thunder lightens the mood with a hilarious display of a Thor that is struggling to cope with the past, while still taking on the monsters and villains of the present.

Thor: Love and Thunder Movie Review and Summary

This post is both a review and a summary of Thor: Love and Thunder. That is to say, it may contain spoilers.


Gorr, played by Christian Bale, is a believer in the god Rapu. He's however stranded in a desert with his daughter with no water or food. He prays fervently to Rapu to rescue them but Rapu is a no-show. Gorr's daughter dies and he's devastated. In his dismay, he hears a voice calling out to him.. "you have suffered... come". He follows the voice into an oasis.

Stupid gods

There he finds Rapu and the flower gods. He's relieved that he can now drink some water and gobbles up fruit that happens to be Rapu's. Rapu is there in his sight eating fruit and bragging about how he had killed the holder of the 'Necrosword', an ancient sword that has the ability to kill gods. Gorr tells him that his empire is no more and that he [Gorr] is the last living believer of Rapu. Rapu is arrogant and on Gorr mocking him, he strangles Gorr threatening to kill him.

God-Killing Sword

The Necrosword had been the one calling Gorr. Once he's held up in a strangle by Rapu, the Necrosword emerges and reaches his arm. It encourages him to kill Rapu and Gorr takes the sword and stabs Rapu with it. Rapu dies and Gorr becomes the "God Butcher".

Gorr, the god butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder
Gorr, the god butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder. Source: Marvel.

Is Thor a Guardian of the Galaxy?

Elsewhere, Thor has teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and becomes one of their crew members. They protect the universe and answer distress calls rushing to help those in need. Thor is, however, downtrodden, sad, and finding himself. He's a sad 'bod' as his friend and sidekick Korg the Kronan would put it.

King Yakan's Gift to Thor

In their interventions, the Guardians of the Galaxy together with Thor help King Yakan, king of Indigarr, a kingdom under attack by owl-like creatures named Booskans. Thor assists in beating them but destroys the kingdom's glass temple and shrine. King Yakan is grateful but bitter about the destroyed temple. He, however, gifts Thor screaming goats as it is their custom to gift the protectors of the kingdom with giant beasts. The screaming goats gifted to Thor are two giant goats that blurt out hilarious screams.

The God-Butcher's Tyranny

The Guardians of the Galaxy together with Thor receive countless distress signals of gods being murdered. One of the distress signals is from Sif, a Falligarian who says that their king, Falligar the behemoth, has been slain by the god-butcher. Thor parts ways with the Guardians of the Galaxy and goes into Sif's kingdom, Falligar (part of Earth-616) where she finds her injured. He rescues her and she tells him that the new target of the god-butcher is New Asgard.

Jane Foster

Dr. Jane Foster, Thor's ex-girlfriend, is diagnosed with stage four cancer. She tries all she can to reverse the disease but fails to find a way to mitigate her deteriorating health. She takes up chemotherapy but it doesn't seem to be working. She heads to New Asgard where she approaches Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, which is now shattered into pieces. Mjolnir starts reacting to Jane's presence and a storm forms.

New Asgard Under Attack

Gorr, now with the Necrosword in his arms, attacks New Asgard. There he uses the sword's dark powers to conjure up shadow monsters who terrorize the small fishing town. King Valkyrie, the leader of New Asgard, intervenes as do some of her soldiers. They are helped by Thor who arrives via Bifrost, an energy he draws from his axe cum hammer, which he names 'Stormbreaker'. They take on the shadow monsters and Thor sees Mjolnir and another Thor fighting alongside them. Who is this Thor? he asks.

Thor and Korg in New Asgard
Thor and Korg in New Asgard. Source: Marvel.

Mighty Thor

The other Thor turns out to be Dr. Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman. She now wields a rejoined Mjolnir as the broken hammer's pieces have now come back together. Jane fights with fervor and vitality, despite being very sick. Thor is taken aback. The group fights the monsters and comes face-to-face with Gorr. They fight him but he eludes them. They later realize that the monsters are going for the children. The children of New Asgard are kidnapped and Gorr puts them in a cage and takes them away.

An Army of Gods

Thor and the team cannot find the children. They, however, speak to one of the kids, Axl, the late Heimdall's son, who uses his fathers' eye magic to speak to Thor. The children are caged in the Shadow Realm and Thor realizes that it is the place where Gorr could be strongest since he's in command of dark magic. As such, they set out to recruit an army of gods; and what better place to do that than in Omnipotence City?

Omnipotence City

Thor, Korg, Jane (Mighty Thor), and King Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, head to Omnipotence City, the dwelling place of the gods. They need a vessel to take them there and realize that they can use the Bifrost bridge formed by the Bifrost from Stormbreaker. Even more, they decide to tie the screaming goats to the front of a flying ship to act as horses pulling a carriage. The Bifrost Bridge, commonly knowns as Bifrost, is dimensional energy that allows for instantaneous travel within the nine realms.

King Valkyrie and Mighty Thor in Omnipotence City
King Valkyrie and Mighty Thor in Omnipotence City. Source: Marvel.


When the team gets to Omnipotence City, they enter the Golden Temple disguised as the emotion gods. They realize that they are just in time for Zeus' famous entrance where Zeus comes in and puts on a show with his 'Thunderbolt'; an item that resembles a bolt of lightning and wields his power.  Thor and the others wait for the pleasantries before Thor is asked to come to the stage and say what they had been whispering about to the others. Thor comes forward and shares his concern about the god butcher but Zeus, played by Russell Crowe, is unwilling to help.

Zeus in Omnipotence City surrounded by his mistresses
Zeus in Omnipotence City surrounded by his mistresses. Source: Marvel.

A Boisterous Zeus

Zeus is more concerned about vane things like their or*y and isn't worried about the god-butcher. According to him, the gods will be safe in Omnipotence City and the god-butcher wouldn't go far as even if he got to Eternity, he doesn't possess the key.

Thor Kills Zeus

Thor isn't having it and together with the team they decide to steal Thunderbolt instead. In the confrontation and after asking nicely and Zeus saying no, Thor uses Thunderbolt to pierce a hole through Zeus, killing him. This is moments after Zeus uses Thunderbolt to pierce through Korg, played by Taika Waititi, whose stone body disintegrates. Korgi's head remains, however, and he calls out for the goats. The team steals Thunderbolt and they escape with the help of their Bifrost chariot driven by the two screaming goats.

Thor's Want to Feel Sh*tty

On the ship, Thor tells Jane that he wants to feel sh*tty and not just empty inside. He says that it is better to feel sh*tty after losing someone that to not love at all and to feel empty. Jane reveals that she has stage four cancer and Thor is devastated. She tells him that she thought Space Viking magic would help and so she went to Mjolnir after she heard the broken hammer call her. Despite the grim circumstances of their reunion, Thor and Jane make up and head to the Shadow Realm.

Thor and Jane (Mighty Thor) having a chat
Thor and Jane (Mighty Thor) having a chat. Source: Marvel.

The Shadow Realm

Thor and the team then head to the Shadow Realm where they find the cage where the kids had been imprisoned, but without the kids. They enter but later realize that it is a trap. Gorr was using the kids to lure them there and get the key that would allow him to enter Eternity. The key, it turns out, is Bifrost and Gorr needs Thor's Strombreaker to get his way. The team fights him, King Valkyrie is injured and Gorr gets hold of Stormbreaker as they escape.

Back to New Asgard

The team gets back to New Asgard where King valkyrie receives treatment. Jane is also in bad shape and the doctor there tells Thor that she is getting weaker and something is preventing her body from being able to fight cancer. Thor urges Jane to stay and not fight and tells her that he loves her. He says that the reason she is not getting better is that she wielded Mjolnir and that being Mighty Thor was draining whatever mortal energy she had left. Jane agrees, but not wholeheartedly. According to her, what's the point of living if she can't help people?

Thor's Solo Ride into Eternity

Thor now has to go to eternity alone. At the gates of Eternity, he meets the children and saves them from being fallen on by a huge rock. All this while, Gorr is using Stormbreaker and its Bifrost to open the gateway to Eternity. Thor tells the kids to each find a weapon and he shares his powers with them "for a limited time only" to help fight the Shadow Monsters that the god-butcher conjures. The kids fight fervently, led by Axl, and Thor takes on Gorr.

Getting the Kids Back to New Asgard

Thor quickly sends the children back to New Asgard after retrieving Stormbreaker. He gives Axl Stormbreaker which he uses to get himself [Axl] and the kids back to New Asgard. The kids get home and are welcomed by their families.

Breaking the Necrosword

Thor and Jane work together to break the Necrosword as Gorr would die without it since it is his source of power. They fight hard and finally break it and a weakened Gorr heads to Eternity's gate.

Gorr's Wish to Eternity

Eternity is a very powerful being who will grant the desire of the first person to reach it. Gorr, by the time Thor gets to retrieving Stormbreaker and sending the children back, is in. Jane is down and pretty weak due to all the fighting. She enters Eternity with Thor in pursuit of Gorr. Her Thor suit dissipates and she is very weak. Thor dissuades Gorr from making a vengeful wish and encourages him to bring his daughter back.

Mighty Thor is Dead

Jane tells Thor that he should keep his heart open. She also tells Gorr that his daughter would not be alone if he brought her back. Thor and jane profess their love for one another and Jane dies after their last kiss. Thor is devastated and when asked by a dying Gorr to protect his daughter, he agrees.


Gorr uses his eternal desire to bring his daughter, Love, back from the dead. He asks Thor to protect her and then dies. Thor keeps his vow and takes Love in as his foster daughter. The two now live in a spaceship as Space Vikings and help those in need all over the universe. Love has superpowers and the two fight side by side, after all, the movie is named Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor and Love fighting side by side
Thor and Love fighting side by side. Source: Marvel.

Our Rating

Thor: Love and Thunder is a thrilling and hilarious movie. It is perhaps the freshest and funniest superhero blockbuster to come out of Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU. Thor: Love and Thunder is just so much fun and we absolutely loved the movie. We rate it 9.5/10 for just being a fun, lovable movie that is as much about love as it is about action and fighting against evil. Splendid film. You should absolutely watch it. Enjoy!


Who Directed Thor: Love and Thunder?

Thor: Love and Thunder is directed by Taika Waititi who also plays Korg in the movie.

Who is Thor's Daughter?

Thor's adopted daughter is Love, Gorr the god butcher's daughter who he asks Thor to protect and take care of after he dies.

Did Zeus Really Die in Thor: Love and Thunder?

No. Zeus isn't actually dead and re-emerges at the tail end of the movie after the credits roll. He vows to avenge his stabbing by Thor and ensure that Thor "falls from the sky". Zeus says that gods have become a joke thanks to the superheroes who are revered instead. He tasks Hercules, his son, with an exacting vengeance.

Who Plays Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Hercules is played by Brett Goldstein.

Did Chris Hemsworth's Daughter Play his Daughter in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Yes. Love who plays Thor's foster daughter in the movie is India Rose Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth's real-life daughter, together with his partner and wife Elsa Pataky. The two got married in 2010.

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