Tottenham Draw Everton in Last Game of EPL GW 29 Plus EPL Standings

Tottenham drew Everton 1-1 in the last game of EPL GW 29 yesterday, after both teams failed to get one up on the other.

Tottenham Draw Everton in Last Game of EPL GW 29 Plus EPL Standings
It was a tough first game for Spurs' caretaker coach Cristian Stellini, who struggled to get a win. Source: Reuters.

Tottenham drew Everton 1-1 in the last game of EPL GW 29 yesterday, after both teams failed to get one up on the other. The game was the last game of an eventful EPL GW 29 and comes just a week or so after Spurs sacked manager Antonio Conte. Harry Kane opened scoring in the 68th minute, with Everton's Michael Keane making his reply in the 90th minute.

Spurs in a Flail

Tottenham have for the past few games been flailing. The team seemed very destabilized in yesterday's game against Everton, in a way that was indicative of the gap that Antonio Conte has left at the club. Conte left Tottenham last week on mutual agreement, after a rant on how the team was disunited, the players selfish, and not playing from their hearts. Read about Conte's departure below.

Antonio Conte Leaves Tottenham by Mutual Consent
The news comes just days after Conte had expressed disappointment with the club’s players and follows a bout of illness he’s been going through.

1-All for an Everton that's Really Trying

Everton have been having a terrible season so far, spending most of their time escaping the bottom three of the EPL Table. The 1-1 draw with Tottenham was a really good trial from them, even considering that Tottenham are far from their best currently.

Game of the Red Cards: 10-Man Spurs vs 10-Man Everton

Both teams showed weakness, however, as players from both teams got carded and sent off the pitch. For Spurs it was Lucas Moura who sent off in the 88th minute and for Everton it was Abdoulaye Doucoure who was shown a red card and sent off in the 58th minute. The red cards are indicative of the frustrations that both teams felt, especially knowing they really needed the three points.

Everton's Doucoure after hitting Harry Kane in the face
Everton's Doucoure was sent off after hitting Harry Kane in the face. Source: Reuters.

EPL Standings after EPL GW 29 - Newcastle in the Top Four

The EPL Table after EPL GW 29 is all over the place. In first place is Arsenal with 72 points, followed by Man City who are second with 64 points. Newcastle, the stars of this week's standings, come in at third place with 50 points, followed by Tottenham who are fourth, also with 50 points.

Man United Kicked Off the Top Four

Manchester United were kicked off the top four after losing out to West Ham in EPL GW 29. United are now fifth with 50 points. Read about their loss to West Ham below.

Man United Lose Out to Newcastle as Did Southampton who Lost Out to West Ham
Southampton weren’t any luckier than Man Utd and themselves lost out 0-1 to West Ham United.

Brighton are sixth place with 43 points, followed by Brentford who are seventh also with 43 points. Liverpool come in at eighth place with 42 points, followed by Aston Villa who are ninth with 41 points. Fulham are tenth with 39 points.

Chelsea in the Bottom Half of EPL Standings

Chelsea are in a dismal eleventh place, with a mere 38 points, marking a new low for the team. The team's performance has gotten so bad that the club's management have sacked coach Graham Potter. Read about Potter getting sacked below.

Chelsea Sack Manager Graham Potter after Dismal Performance
The sentiment of the fans on hearing Potter’s sacking was clear: he won’t be missed.

In twelvth place is Crystal Palace with 30 points, followed by Wolves who are thirteenth with 28 points. West Ham are fourteenth with 27 points, followed by Everton, Nottm Forest and Bournemouth who are fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth respectively, also with 27 points.

Leicester City and Southampton in the Relegation Zone

In eighteenth place is Leeds United with 26 points, followed by a remarkably poorly performing Leicester City who are nineteenth with 25 points. At the trailing end of Premier League Standings are Southampton who are twentieth, with a meagre 23 points. For Leicester and Southampton to have performed so poorly, we really need to check out for unexpected results come the end of EPL 22/23.