Vanessa Mdee Gets Engaged to Rotimi

Mdee’s engagement to Rotimi comes after she had been going through a nasty, heartbreaking, and painful breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Juma Jux, also a musician from Tanzania.

Vanessa Mdee Gets Engaged to Rotimi
Vanessa and Rotimi. Source: Guardian NG.

Vanessa Mdee is such a darling, and late last year, she got engaged to ‘Power’ actor and musician Rotimi. The two met in mid-2020 at Essence Festival, where the two were performing. Vanessa and Rotimi were performing on different stages and met at the festival through a mutual friend. Their love blossomed, and in late December last year, they got engaged.

Who is Vanessa Mdee?

Vanessa Mdee is a popular singer from Tanzania who has an estimated net worth of over $6 million. Rotimi’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. Vanessa is a marvel and has done so well in her musical career, despite feeling like she would want to give up due to the ‘pressure’ of creating music and being part of the entertainment industry.

Vanessa Mdee: Lost in Love then Found

Mdee’s engagement to Rotimi comes after she had been going through a nasty, heartbreaking, and painful breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Juma Jux, also a musician from Tanzania. Vanessa had been so heartbroken a while ago after Jux allegedly cheated on her. She, however, seems to be happy and living the life she would have wanted with her newfound love, Rotimi.

Who is Rotimi?

Rotimi is an American musician and actor, and in a way, their engagement is a union of cultures and a union of arts, and talents. The two share birthdays even though Vanessa is three months older than Rotimi. Vanessa Mdee has, in a way, intentionally or unintentionally, opened up so many doors for her career with the engagement to a star like Rotimi. I can only imagine what wonderful things she will do in music and film or acting with her fiance.

Is Rotimi Vanessa's Soulmate?

The engagement of the two is a real-life example of the fact that even when one loses love, they can find someone else who they will realize is their one true love and their soulmate. It is funny and sad that when one is in love, they are easily persuaded to think that they found their soulmate only to realize after breaking up and meeting someone else that their true soulmate is the one they find after losing the one they love.

We never really know that the person we love is the one and is our soulmate until we really know. It is like we are always hoping that the one we love is, but we can never be sure until time tells us how things will pan out. Love is quite the thing, and it is so wonderful to be in love, even knowing that it could end up in heartbreak as in My Epic Heartbreak.

Lost Love for Juma Jux

I wonder how Juma Jux feels about this engagement, and whatever he does, it really doesn’t matter because Vanessa Mdee seems happy and content. You never really know what you have until it’s gone, and in my view, it is his loss. Vanessa has proven a beautiful flower that has bloomed onto the global stage. She is so talented, and the future only holds good things for her and her fiance.

She has grown into such a beautiful woman, and her good heart is something that only a true and real man can appreciate. She deserves to be happy, and Rotimi is her happiness, and she is his “light. “ Vanessa Mdee has always been such a wonderful, beautiful and happy soul. She has approached her life and career with such a good heart that it is no surprise that she swept away Rotimi. One could say that she took the meeting with the ‘In My Bed’ singer.

Rotimi vs Juma Jux: Whose Love will Last?

On the flip side, the engagement and now-expected marriage could be a clash of cultures. As a Swahili, Vanessa hails from a culture that appreciates marriage as a lifelong commitment. In turn, Rotimi is American, and as we all know and see, marriage can be as short as a few hours in the United States. However, we do hope that their union and love lasts and that even when things get tough, the two will find a way to stay together and pull through.

It was amazing to see Vanessa scream and be in tears of joy when Rotimi proposed with a beautiful diamond ring. They are quite a beautiful couple, and we hope that their love blossoms into a lifelong engagement. They got engaged on 31st December 2020, and the next day Vanessa posted a picture of the two kissing with the caption “Day one of forever.” We hope that the new year brings with it wonderful moments, and we can’t wait to see their marriage.

Love Despite One's Fortune

Love is strong, and we do wish them the absolute best. Despite one’s fame or fortune, one can find true love. You can imagine all the damsels in distress after Rotimi got engaged. Even celebrities do have feelings. Despite all the attention and fame that comes with being in the entertainment industry, even viable bachelors, coveted by many, can be blown away by a beautiful girl and decide to settle down.

In one of his songs, Rotimi says that “there is a difference between settling down and settling” and that “with him (someone else), you would be settling,” suggesting that with Rotimi, the lucky girl would be settling down. We hope that this is the case for his engagement and expected marriage with Vanessa Mdee. The two look so beautiful together in Rotimi’s new song, ‘Love Somebody.’