Website vs Facebook: Is Having a Website Worth It?

In some ways, you can use a Facebook Page as a website. However, you cannot customize the page to your own liking to the extent that you would be able to if you had a website.

Website vs Facebook: Is Having a Website Worth It?
Photo by Timothy Hales Bennett / Unsplash

A website is part of the worldwide web that is used globally and made available online by an individual, company, educational institution, government, or organization. Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites that enable users to connect with family and friends online, where one can express their thoughts and do it freely with no restrictions. Owning a website vs. running a Facebook page can present a dilemma. However, each of the two has its own benefits, and each presents unique opportunities.

What is the Difference between Websites and Social Media?

As we all know, creating a website today to run a business is more expensive compared to using Facebook. However, a website will look more professional for your business and attract more customers than expected. Starting a Facebook page can alleviate the need for a lot of initial capital, meaning that you will not need to incur most of the costs to start a website.

Why some people may prefer using a website to Facebook in business

Some people prefer using Facebook because it is quick, easy, and free, which means it only takes a couple of minutes to set up a Facebook page. A Facebook page also requires minimal maintenance and incurs no upkeep costs. A user can rely on the technical provisions of Facebook to run their business online.
A Facebook page is free to start and easy to run; thus, it is the preferred online marketing method for most people.