What Apple Announced in their September 7 Event - New Apple Products September 2022

Apple outdid themselves this year by introducing a safety service that they dubbed ‘Emergency SOS via Satellite’ which uses a satellite connection to connect to emergency services.

What Apple Announced in their September 7 Event - New Apple Products September 2022
Photo by Salman Majeed / Unsplash

Apple was keen to introduce new products in their long-awaited September 7 event. The company did not disappoint this time, however, and had some cool products, tweaks, and features in store. Let’s delve into what Apple announced in their September 7 Event and new apple products September 2022.

iPhone 14 and the New iPhone 14 Plus

We all could have guessed that iPhone 14 was on the way but we couldn’t have anticipated the iPhone 14 Plus. We instead were clamoring about a possible iPhone 14 mini but Apple pulled a fast one and it was the iPhone 14 Plus instead, that was coming to users this September.

iPhone 14

Apple improved the iPhone 14 as compared to its predecessor albeit sharing the same processor, build, and design. The new iPhone 14 comes with improved battery life, a true-tone OLED display, and five new colors including midnight, and starlight, ceramic blue, a reimagined purple, and Product RED. The iPhone 14 also comes with a ceramic screen that is more durable and harder to break.

Better Low-Light Performance for iPhone 14’s Front Camera and Action Mode

Among the most exciting features of the new iPhone 14 is an improvement to its front-facing camera which has better low light performance. Another exciting feature is Action Mode which mimics the video stabilization features of a gimbal and stabilizes video taken via the iPhone camera.

Emergency SOS via Satellite

Apple outdid themselves this year by introducing a safety service that they dubbed ‘Emergency SOS via Satellite’ which uses a satellite connection to connect to emergency services. Users can rely on the feature to deliver help even in instances where they are outside Wi-Fi or cellular range. The feature will be free for iPhone users in the United States and Canada. Emergency SOS via Satellite will be offered in conjunction with satellite company Globalstar and will launch in Canada.

iPhone 14 Plus

Perhaps the most surprising of the new apple products 2022, the iPhone 14 Plus replaces the traditionally mini spec phone, to bring an even bigger 6.7-inch display to the iPhone 14. The base iPhone 14 has a  6.1 inches screen that is overshadowed by the bigger display on the iPhone 14 Plus. The base iPhone 14 will be priced at $799 while the iPhone 14 Plus will go for $899.

Digital eSIM

Apple also announced that all iPhone 14 models in the United States will use a Digital eSIM that will replace traditional physical SIM cards. Apple touts the digital eSIM as more secure and says that it can be used to load several phone numbers or user SIMs (or profiles) on a single eSIM.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max

Apple went on to announce Pro models for its iPhone 14 lineup. These include the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 Pro has better low-light photography for both the front-facing and rear cameras while the iPhone 14 only has better low-light photography for the front-facing camera. The iPhone 14 Pro has a bigger camera sensor also, and a 48-megapixel camera.

Dynamic Island

The iPhone 14 Pro models will come with a new front design featuring a smaller cutout for the front camera. This cutout or what we call the ‘notch’ will now extend the phone’s screen and expand and contract as needed. Essentially, the new notch, dubbed the ‘Dynamic Island’, will now be a second smaller screen that will show background activity; such as expand when making a payment, show currently playing music, and even show live notifications such as the scores of an ongoing baseball game.

A New Low-Power Mode

The Pros will also have a new low-power mode that will enhance their battery life. The iPhone 14 Pro models will also come in four colors including deep purple, gold, silver, and space black.

A16 Bionic

Apple also announced that it would be bringing its latest chip, the A16 Bionic, to the iPhone 14 Pro models. The A16 is touted as faster compared to the A15, has better graphics and graphical output, and saves more power.

Always-On Display

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will also have an Always-On Display which is a new feature that allows the iPhone 14 Pro’s display to not turn off when not in use. Essentially, despite your phone not being in use for a while, Always-On Display will allow it to dim down to a lower brightness level and illuminate notifications as per your set lockscreen. Therefore, your lockscreen won’t disappear and the screen shut off but it will remain on display, albeit at a lower brightness level.

New AirPods Pro

Apple also came through with a new model of their AirPods Pro. The New AirPods Pro will have better sound clarity and quality and will have a new H2 chip, an upgrade from the H1. The New AirPods Pro will have better noise-cancellation features, new touch controls for volume adjustment, and will now be rechargeable using MagSafe chargers.

Apple says that the latest AirPods Pro will have a longer battery life of up to 6 hours and will also come with a speaker added to the case. The speaker on the AirPods Pro’s case will help users search for it, via Find My, in case they misplace it. Users will also have the option to get the AirPods Pro with an extra-small ear tip. Even more, iOS 16 will also give a notification when users connect fake AirPods to the iPhone, and this will help users not get duped into buying fake AirPods.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple announced their latest iteration of the Apple Watch Series, the Apple Watch Series 8 which will have an extra temperature sensor. According to Apple, this extra sensor will be placed at the base of the watch, near its resting place on the arm; and will work with the other sensor (just below the display) to deliver more accurate temperature readings.

This is important, Apple says, as it now allows the Apple Watch Series 8 to provide better health data, including data on ovulation and menstrual cycles for women. The Apple Watch Series 8 will come in four colors including red, aluminum, gold, and black.

Apple Watch Ultra

Another hugely exciting announcement made by Apple in their September 7 event was the new Apple Watch Ultra. ‘The Ultra’ as we call it, is everything the Apple Watch stands for, only more rugged and bigger. The $799 Apple Watch Ultra will come in a titanium case, have a bigger screen, and an all-new design. The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a new huge ‘Action Button’ for quick toggles; even when wearing gloves or working out and sweaty.

The Apple Watch Ultra also comes with a new watch face with a compass and includes more detail. Even more impressively, the Apple Watch Ultra can even show how deep a user is when diving. Apple says that the Apple Watch Ultra will have up to 60 hours of battery life with a new software update coming later this year. The Ultra will also come with newly designed and stronger straps.

Apple Watch SE

Apple also redesigned the Apple Watch SE, which now has a new 2022 model with fall detection, heart rate notifications, a bigger display, and a new plastic design on the underside of the Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch SE will be priced from $249 to $299. Stay tuned for more Apple Event News and Updates.