What are Crafts and Why They are Important

Every craft should be part of a cyclic process of taking from nature and giving back in one form or the other.

What are Crafts and Why They are Important
Photo by SwapnIl Dwivedi / Unsplash

What is a Craft?

A craft or trade is an activity, pastime, or profession that necessitates skills, experience, and artisanship to create something meaningful, palpable, and tactile. Nowadays, even programming and having digital skills or being very good at utilizing technology can be blanketed under crafts.

What is the Purpose of Crafts?

A craft is a means through which an individual exercises their abilities, talents, or gifts. Crafts can be a way to be of service to others and even earn a living. Crafts can be anything from woodwork, pottery, being a blacksmith, painting, music, and many others.  A craft is a culmination of the input of experience, skills, passion, and hard work into creating and translating forms of matter.

Crafts as the Precursor to Inventions

Crafts are inherently human and can get traced back to millennia ago when early man discovered the use of numerous rocks or sticks for different uses. As is said, necessity is the mother of invention, and most of the crafts we love and appreciate today got commenced out of necessity. For instance, during the stone age, early man discovered the use of sharp rocks as cutting devices out of the need to separate or cut food such as meat.