What are Terminal Days and Why You Need Them Urgently

The ‘terminal days’ concept encourages us to live like we are suffering a terminal illness.

What are Terminal Days and Why You Need Them Urgently
Photo by Kalen Emsley / Unsplash

What are Terminal Days?

'Terminal days' is a concept that encourages living in the now. As human beings, we are susceptible to falling ill and even losing our lives due to chronic conditions such as cancer. We are mortal beings who depend on our biological selves for life. As such, anything, including illnesses that negatively impact our health and well-being, could likely lead to disease and, in worse cases, fatality. The ‘terminal days’ concept encourages all of us to live like there is no tomorrow. It is quite a sensitive topic, so please bear with me.

What is a Terminal Illness?

Terminal illness refers to incurable diseases and those that have become regarded as fatal. Cancer is such an illness and a regrettable reality of modern life and modern living. As human beings, we depend on our physical or biological forms to exist in the world. We are individuals and people who are created biologically and depend on our well-being and health to be and to live.

The Likelihood of Living Long or Being Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness

To lead a fulfilling life, therefore, one must be healthy, happy, and spiritual. However, in the unfortunate event that one gets diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness such as cancer, time becomes limited. Different places in the world have different life expectancies.

In places like Europe, life expectancy could be around seventy to seventy-five years of age. Here in Africa, it could be maybe sixty or sixty-five years of age, and so on. Life expectancy varies in different countries, regions, and locations, due to the various factors influencing life in that particular part of the world.