What are Vibes and Why You Should Catch a Vibe

It is the Bonnie and Clyde kind of feeling, an innate soul-deep connection between two people.

What are Vibes and Why You Should Catch a Vibe
Photo by Matt Moloney / Unsplash

What are Vibes?

Vibes are interconnections between people of similar or different cultures, societies, and parts of the world. Vibes are like a global Wi-Fi connection, and the people feeling the vibe, the individual nodes, or devices. There is an unintended pun in the meaning of Wi-Fi, i.e., wireless fidelity. In the same way, there needs to be fidelity in the wireless connection, vibes need a certain frequency of love, unity, and oneness to propagate or be felt by the people.

Why Some Music is Such a Vibe

That is why music that has reached the spiritual frequency will easily trend once it has been dropped as every listener, regardless of their location, culture, and society, will quickly catch and relate to the vibe. An excellent example is legendary music, such as that of Bob Marley and The Wailers. Such spiritually entuned or spiritually vibed music has a deep connection or in-soul connection with its listeners.

Vibes as the Currency of Love

Vibes are the currency of love in one way or the other. Love in shapes or forms that only people who understand and appreciate each other can understand. That is why there are inseparable friends who would be entuned to a vibe that deeply connects them.

The Bonnie and Clyde Vibe

It is the Bonnie and Clyde kind of feeling, an innate soul-deep connection between two people. Such a connection can be romantic or just friendly. Despite its nature or tendencies, that connection is very much a creation of vibes. Vibes have so much to do with ambiance, and the aura one exudes.

The Innate Nature of Having a Happy Vibe

Having a happy, welcoming, and loving vibe comes from the soul and is innate and not very much affected by the object of such love, happiness, or welcome. It comes from the individual, their personality, and soul, and not from the people who they love, welcome, or are happy towards or with. To explain this, let’s take love, for instance.

Love or affection comes from the inside and is not very much affected by the object of that love. This means that the individual does not love because of the object of their love but because they are and being loving is who they are. In this sense, the vibe one has is part of their being. It exists due to their being and not so much the object of the vibe or those to who the vibe is expressed.

Art is the Higher Power and Vibes are the Connectedness of Everything

Art is the higher power, and love and vibes interweave human emotion, feeling, soul, and deep connection to create the phenomenon that is happiness. Now, happiness is a lot of things to a lot of people, but in terms of vibes, it is a phenomenon.

It is also a part of being and is independent of the object of happiness also. However, it is also a culmination or end result of the individual entuning or engaging with vibes that speak to them as a person. That is why someone will vibe with music they don’t even understand its language or the meaning of its lyrics.

The Afrobeats Vibe and Why It Has Gone Global

An excellent example is the afrobeat wave and how one song can create a global vibe and lead to a vibe that reverberates with people worldwide. You can imagine the waves created by the late Michael Jackson when he sang a song at a concert attended by tens of thousands of people. Vibes are strong, and when the vibes are good, authentic, and not reliant on or independent of the object of the vibe, they speak to the human soul and who we are culturally, as a society, and as human beings.

The Intensity of Vibes: Why Some Vibes Hit Harder than Others

One would wonder how then do certain vibes hit home better than others. Why would a certain vibe relate to an individual more deeply and intently than others? In my view, the different reverberations and intensities of different vibes are reliant or pegged on the culture of the individual and how they have been cultured.

How We Have been Cultured to Like Certain Vibes

All our lives, we have been taught or introduced to certain cultures, music, way of life, and tenets that mold us into being who we are. Therefore, when certain vibes hit those cords and relate to or touch on who we are, what we know, what we have been taught, and our cultures, they speak to us as individuals. That is why art has such a tremendous effect on people.

The Legendary Art and Vibe of the Late Christo and His Wife Jeanne-Claude

The late Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude created such impactful art by covering numerous buildings and landscapes with canvases. Christo and Jeanne-Claude created such a phenomenon that spoke to a whole new way of seeing buildings, architecture, landscapes, water channels, and our general surroundings.

How Picasso Pioneered the Cubist Movement

The same goes for Pablo Picasso and his out-of-this-world geometry and perspective of shapes and how structures and dimensions interact. He pioneered the cubist movement with like-minded artists and revolutionized how we relate to shapes and how we relate them to spaces. Such art and collaboration are what create vibes.

Why Vibes are Not Selfish

There is also the realization that vibes are not selfish or personal. Vibes invite and encourage collaboration and sharing. When one is aligned and in line with others and their vibes, art, and way of seeing the world, structures and meaning can be created in the object of collaboration. That is why certain musicians will collaborate seamlessly with others to create masterpieces.

The Mastery that Comes With Vibes: The Mastery of Alberto Giacometti

Vibes help artists and other professionals master and attain mastery in their crafts. Alberto Giacometti is an excellent example of an artist who was a master in what he did. His ability to create art in sculptures and paintings morphed cubism into a new art form and a new way or perspective of seeing sculptures and paintings.  His mastery and unique view of the world earned him accolades, such as the Venice Biennale prize for sculpture.

How Art that Creates a Catchy Vibe Transcends the Artist

When art creates a vibe that is in touch with and speaks to the people, it transcends the artist, and their vision and perspective are well understood by the audience and are inspiring to other artists. That is how art inspires and creates more art to allow for sufficiency and yearning in various crafts and art forms. An excellent example of such propagation is the sampling of music.

How Vibes Keep Art Alive

Art is alive through the vibes it creates, and no matter how old the song is, when sampled, it can regenerate life and meaning. It’s like passing the torch from one generation to the other. True art that creates vibes that speak to the human soul is classic and timeless. This phenomenon can be seen in all arts and crafts.

That is why classic cars remain classics and are appreciated even more as time goes by. Creating such art is not easy and is a constant battle of trying to make reality out of a unique and uncompromising vision. That is why a lot of artists face consternation while making their art.

The Consternation of Trying to Perfect Art and Why It's Unnecessary

Consternation or dismay results from trying to create art as envisioned without compromising the intended vision and its translations into being. Artists will often create phenomena and movements such as the surrealist movement while trying to make sense of life and being.

How Artists Use Existentialism and Modernism to Create Meaning of Current Events

Artists will also react to life as it is during their time and try to define the current state of things as seen and appreciated by them, and their artistic genius. This can be seen in existentialism and modernism in their intent to create meaning in life or recognize the meaninglessness and emptiness of life.

The Intent of Modernism

Modernism was particularly intent on reflecting industrialization, war, technologies, and life in the early twentieth century. All these movements are artistic creations and philosophical yearnings to intersect life and meaning while expressing them in various art forms.

What forms of art do you vibe to the most?

The Connections that Vibes Create

Literature also plays the role of reflecting reality through writing and written works. Art and literature ask the tough question of reality, including whether life is empty and meaningless and why it is or why it is not.

Such questioning and the tough questions asked create the urge to learn and discover the truth and the true meaning of life. In this constant search for meaning and explanation, literature and art create vibes as a consequence of questioning and also as an attempt to provide answers or share the discovery that there are actually no answers in life.

Emptiness as a Consequence of the Human Condition and the Times

Emptiness, sorry to say, could be a consequence of the times or the human condition. It could be just as is and not a result of one’s action or inaction, who they are, or who we all are as human beings. Emptiness in modern life could be just a state that is because it is.

Therefore, emptiness is not necessarily a creation or propagation of the human species and its actions or inaction, but just the existence of absence and the absence of wholeness. Emptiness is a vacuum devoid of reason or consequence, a state-like matter that is just there, to be there, for a purpose unknown. Such realities and the pain and sorrow they bring feed into art and create vibes that others can relate to.

How Vibes Give Us a Medium for Expression

As human beings, we have a lot to say and not enough ways to say what we want to say. Art through vibes and ideas creates avenues for soul-to-soul communication, conversations, and a way through which entire cultures, societies, and regions can present themselves as a part of the world and the human species as a whole. Culture and lifestyle translate the people’s vibes and from the people into the configurations of reality and life as is. The movements and phenomena created by certain vibes never truly go away or become diminished.

The Ubiquitous Nature of Vibes

They instead weather the sands of time and, in the future, get translated into new art forms in a cyclic way that is reflective of human nature and mother nature herself. Even after decades or centuries, the rebirth of art and the power of vibes to influence and engage speak of the silent language of art. It also speaks to how, as humans, we have this out-of-this-world ability to understand and comprehend what is not said but created or translated into art, crafts, and vibes.

Our minds and hearts are powerful creators and translators of emotion, feeling, and vibes in a way that makes us, the human species, capable of and in touch with another realm, such as the spiritual realm. i.e., a whole new existence beyond what we are and how we exist.

The Role of Vibes in Self-Presentation

Vibes, therefore, explain who we are, how we present ourselves, what we believe in, and how we live. We are beings who connect to the higher power that is art through vibes and the various ways that emotions and feelings are interwoven to create a vibe. That is why people will move to a beat that they have never heard before, operas will sing songs written hundreds of years ago, and birds will chirp songs that will feel smooth and tranquil.

How Our Lives are Tuned to Vibes

Our lives and life, in general, are tuned to nature, art, crafts, and very much vibes. Like bees and other insects have feelers, human beings have vibes, emotions, and souls. We are who we are, and we will always be beings who love loving others and being the best versions of ourselves in the world, for the world, and to the world.