What are Vibes and Why You Should Catch a Vibe

It is the Bonnie and Clyde kind of feeling, an innate soul-deep connection between two people.

What are Vibes and Why You Should Catch a Vibe
Photo by Matt Moloney / Unsplash

What are Vibes?

Vibes are interconnections between people of similar or different cultures, societies, and parts of the world. Vibes are like a global Wi-Fi connection, and the people feeling the vibe, the individual nodes, or devices. There is an unintended pun in the meaning of Wi-Fi, i.e., wireless fidelity. In the same way, there needs to be fidelity in the wireless connection, vibes need a certain frequency of love, unity, and oneness to propagate or be felt by the people.

Why Some Music is Such a Vibe

That is why music that has reached the spiritual frequency will easily trend once it has been dropped as every listener, regardless of their location, culture, and society, will quickly catch and relate to the vibe. An excellent example is legendary music, such as that of Bob Marley and The Wailers. Such spiritually entuned or spiritually vibed music has a deep connection or in-soul connection with its listeners.

Vibes as the Currency of Love

Vibes are the currency of love in one way or the other. Love in shapes or forms that only people who understand and appreciate each other can understand. That is why there are inseparable friends who would be entuned to a vibe that deeply connects them.