What Does It Mean to be Insecure and How to Avoid It

By understanding that we are all insecure and that it is okay to not have all the answers, then life becomes less of a struggle and more of a journey of learning.

What Does It Mean to be Insecure and How to Avoid It
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What is Being Insecure?

The term ‘insecure’ in regards to a person suggests that the person is unconfident and self-doubting. The term suggests that the person lacks assertiveness and may be one who is awkward or gauche. It could also be used to mean that the person is fearful, anxious, shy, introverted, or even humble. That to me, sounds like being human, like being a normal person like everyone else with a share of self-consciousness, shyness, uncertainty, and a little self-doubt. To be insecure should, therefore, not be used in a derogatory manner or as a way to put others in their place.

Life is a Journey, Take It Step by Step

We are all insecure, in my view, because as human beings, we live life without all the answers and in an inherently uncertain way. Life is a journey where anything can happen including the unexpected and unfortunate. Life is like undertaking a journey with a blindfold on which we, as human beings, do our best to use our ‘other senses’ to navigate life. These senses ensure that we can see, even when we cannot, what is likely to be ahead in our lives.

Why It is Healthy to Sometimes be Doubtful

When one is insecure, then it could be a manifestation of these other senses. We are all humans and being insecure, I think, is part of that. It is not wrong to be insecure and, as a matter of fact, I would dare say it is okay. It is okay to have a little self-doubt, it is okay to be humble and perceptive, and it is okay to not be overly confident. Some will say that, in a job interview, for instance, being insecure would do more good than harm. Of course, if the job you are applying for is not the armed forces.

The Wonder of Life and How You Can be Confident and Attain It

Life is a journey of wonder and the more one lives, the more they learn. In this light, we grow decreasingly insecure as we get older. We learn to attain confidence, sustain it, and express it to the world as we become more aware of ourselves and who we are. I don’t think that the journey of self-discovery and attaining self-confidence ever ends, only that we become more and more self-assured.

The Need for Confidence in Discovering Life

When such certainty is positive and when it is not used to belittle others, then it can be a good thing. Insecure, as one may be, they are on the same journey that we all are, and they get to discover life as we all do. We are all living for the first time and we all get to learn what life is and what it can be, day in and day out. When one allows themselves to be taught by those they meet and life itself, then the truth is not held from them.

The Role of Truth in Reducing Insecurities

The ‘truth’ is a heavy notion and one that is relative to any of us. My truth may not be your truth, even as the truth in Mania News and Mania Sports News is definitely the truth. Nonetheless, our truths are what we hold dear, and having them is what reduces our insecurity over time. For instance, by knowing that I am a child of God, I am more appreciative of not having all the answers, who I am, and my faith. The love of God is my truth and it negates my insecurity, which could be not having all the answers, for instance.

Acknowledging that We Are All Insecure and None of Us Has All the Answers

By understanding that we are all insecure and that it is okay to not have all the answers, then life becomes less of a struggle and more of a journey of learning. Learning is more important and valuable than teaching. When one learns, they have the ability to teach and can only teach others out of their learning. Learning is, therefore, better and more empowering than teaching others.

What are the most valuable lessons you have learned in life?

Learning How to Be More Confident

We should hesitate to point out the misgivings of others or what we perceive or think to be their weak points. It doesn’t make you stronger to disparage others. It only shows a lack of sensitivity and a lack of willingness to learn and teach others. No one is perfect and only one who understands that we all have our weak points can effectively correct others without belittling them.

The Importance of Having the Willingness to Learn

I imagine that all of us are who we are out of the learning that we have had in life, and are less insecure due to the belief and faith that we have. We are all students of life and our willingness to learn is what ensures that we do not become ignorant or arrogant. Arrogance is worse than insecurity and it is better, in my view, to be insecure and to learn to be more confident than to be arrogant and to learn to be more self-conscious.

Self-Assuredness and Pride and How They Can Help Beat Insecurity

As a journey, life will always be challenging. It will have its good moments and its bad. What matters is understanding that we are all in this together. We are all self-doubting in one way or another and are all trying to become more confident and self-assured. It is better to be aspiring to be self-assured than to be self-assured too much that it becomes pride.

Drawing the Thin Line Between Self-Assuredness and Pride

Pride always comes before a fall, and we all need to draw the thin line between self-assuredness and pride. We should also open our minds and hearts to learning and allow others and life to teach us. We should allow everyone that we meet and everything we experience in life to teach us more about life, and the various ways to lead a better and more fulfilling life. As humans, being insecure is expected, and acceptable, and recognizes that we are all imperfect. Expecting others to not be insecure is, therefore, tantamount to expecting them to be perfect, something that will not happen.

Accepting Imperfection and Acknowledging Our Efforts to Do Better

The imperfection of our lives is the perfection of being alive. We are all students of life and we all aspire to be more fulfilled and happy. Happiness is not the absence of insecurity, but an opportunity that one allows themselves to make the most of who they are, what they have, and at what point in their life they are in. It is in no way a lack of insecurities. Insecurities are human and it is okay to be unsure of yourself and to have some self-doubt. Such insecurities can work to motivate the individual to aspire to become more confident, more self-assured, and better in their craft.

How A Little Insecurity is Healthy, Especially for Creatives

I imagine if William Shakespeare was overly self-assured, then we would not be fascinated by his literature and its quality of it. For artists and creatives, insecurity is what pushes us to become better,  to aspire to be more fulfilled, and push ourselves to create even more fascinating art. Therefore, calling an artist insecure is like calling the earth unproductive. Something that is definitely not true.