What Does It Mean to be Insecure and How to Avoid It

By understanding that we are all insecure and that it is okay to not have all the answers, then life becomes less of a struggle and more of a journey of learning.

What Does It Mean to be Insecure and How to Avoid It
Photo by Sir Manuel / Unsplash

What is Being Insecure?

The term ‘insecure’ in regards to a person suggests that the person is unconfident and self-doubting. The term suggests that the person lacks assertiveness and may be one who is awkward or gauche. It could also be used to mean that the person is fearful, anxious, shy, introverted, or even humble. That to me, sounds like being human, like being a normal person like everyone else with a share of self-consciousness, shyness, uncertainty, and a little self-doubt. To be insecure should, therefore, not be used in a derogatory manner or as a way to put others in their place.

Life is a Journey, Take It Step by Step

We are all insecure, in my view, because as human beings, we live life without all the answers and in an inherently uncertain way. Life is a journey where anything can happen including the unexpected and unfortunate. Life is like undertaking a journey with a blindfold on which we, as human beings, do our best to use our ‘other senses’ to navigate life. These senses ensure that we can see, even when we cannot, what is likely to be ahead in our lives.