What is Black Tax and Why the Notion of Black Tax is Flawed

Kindness is never a weakness, and only the weak think it is. Real strength and inner beauty are helping others wholeheartedly.

What is Black Tax and Why the Notion of Black Tax is Flawed
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Black tax is the notion or idea that, culturally speaking, black individuals are obliged to help out their family members financially. The issue is that we perceive it as a way that black families curtail the success of their children or family members by always seeking financial help or support.

Additionally, when a black male or female gets a job and a career, they are less likely to succeed in the long haul or to enjoy the fruits of their success. Such action is due to numerous financial responsibilities or requests that are imposed on them by their families or family members.

The Notion or Idea of Black Tax

Black tax, as I have said, is a notion. I think it gets somewhat misconstrued as a fact of life. I also have a problem with the term ‘black tax.’ It implies and insinuates that only black families or individuals ever feel obliged to help out their families. I wonder what one would call trust fund babies, white privilege? Perhaps.

Black Tax as a Notion of Poverty

Black tax, in my view, is a notion of poverty. An idea fed into the minds of black children and individuals as a way to imply that they will never truly succeed. It is wrong and misleading. Black success is possible and imminent. Anyone can succeed and support their families or family members without curtailing their own success.

Is black tax real?