What is Good Friday and Why Is It Celebrated

Good Friday is definitely the most important day on the Christian calendar, in my opinion.

What is Good Friday and Why Is It Celebrated
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What is Good Friday?

How good can it be? Why did they name it ‘Good Friday? We can all confess that there is nothing good about being condemned to die by hanging, where you have to carry the cross on which Roman soldiers will nail you on. The cross where you will be half-naked while everyone gives you cold glances. Others will be in disbelief. They will be astonished at what happened, for it was just the other day they had seen you riding on a foal, and at the time, the crowd was all jovial and singing at the top of their lungs “glory to the highest.”

How good can it be when the Father’s only begotten son is whipped, chained on a pillar, spat on, and mocked to the extent that they even made a crown of thorns and put it on His head? They even took it to the extent that they put a tag on His head reading ‘this is the King of Jews.’ As if that was not enough, they even made Him carry the cross on which He would be nailed on. How is that good?

Is Good Friday a Happy or Sad Day?

The Pain of Loss that Mary Suffered

What is good about this day to Mary? The day she loses her firstborn son. Imagine the pain that she feels when the crowd shouts "Crucify Him” and in turn asks for the release of a local thief by the name of Barnabas. How satirical is this? The King for a thief? The pain Mary bears when the crowd’s shouts reach her ears, how tears roll down her cheeks. The pain that pierces her already heavy, burdened, and bleeding heart. Mary meets her firstborn son at the fifth station carrying the cross. Imagine the pain Mother Mary feels even as a parent. So painful.

The pain she feels when it’s all done, and her son dies on the cross. How bad Mary feels on this “good”  Friday holding her beloved son brought down from the cross as she prepares to lay him in the rich man’s tomb. Is there any greater pain than a parent burying their own child? Yet they call it good. Good Friday is a terrible and sad day because it is the day that Jesus Christ was crucified. Good Friday is also a good day because it was the day that God gave His only son to die on the cross and save humanity from sin.

The Fellowship of the Disciples

What good is it to the disciples losing their master? The master they (Simon Peter and John, sons of Zebedee) earnestly laid down their nets to follow. How Levi feels after he said no more tax collections and followed Him. How the disciples had forsaken everything, including their families and work, and had even given up their livelihoods to follow Him, and now He is no more. They lost Him on this day, and yet others call it “good.” How good can it be? How good is it to Peter? One of His all-time favorite disciples who even had a chance to watch Him transfigure.

How good is this to Peter? How good is it to the other eleven disciples? The disciples who lost the master they had grown fond of over a period of three years. What good is it that He is no more? Who will teach them how to pray, how to live with others, and how to forgive. All lost on Good Friday. Jesus Christ was crucified in Golgotha. On the third day, He rose from the dead and is now seated on the right-hand side of God.

The Ministry of Jesus

How good is it to the children and the multitude that always gathered and sat keenly listening to Him? Multitudes who sat beside Him listening to Him teach on the beatitudes. Listen to Him say, “Indeed,  it is easy for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” [Luke 18:25] (KJV).

All the parables and the stories of how the good samaritan helped the man he did not know, how the prodigal son was merrily received by the father, and the teachings on who is our good neighbor. All these teachings and His fellowship are no more. Jesus Christ was nailed on the cross on this very day they call good.

The Spiritual Meaning of Good Friday

The Salvation that Comes with Good Friday

It may not feel any good to them, but it’s perfect for us today. The only son of the Father, Jesus Christ, gave up all the power of Heaven and came down to us. He gave His own flesh and blood to bring us closer to the Father. The shepherd that He is, one who will leave ninety-nine sheep to look for that one lost sheep. For our sakes, Jesus gave up heavenly power to come to save us.

He came to restore our sight, help us walk the straight path, feed our souls, and serve and teach us how to pray. On this day, the masses mocked him for our sakes. He was spat on and stripped naked while they gambled for His clothes and crowned Him with thorns making us Kings and Queens in the Kingdom of God. Our salvation, therefore, is the spiritual meaning of Good Friday.

The History of Good Friday and Its Celebration

On this very day, the blood Jesus shed cleansed us, healed us, and made us whole again. Perhaps, that’s why Good Friday falls under the solar season called the vernal equinox. The vernal equinox is associated with spring, and that brings the rebirth of plant and animal life. All the lost souls are found and made whole again.

How Good Friday Has been Celebrated in Various Parts of the World

The history of Good Friday indicates that on this very day in the year 1930, the BBC had no news and had piano music playing all day. It’s even believed that one will never experience any headache for the rest of the year after getting a haircut on this day [you should try this]. In some countries like Germany and New Zealand, it is alleged that Easter buns and eggs on this day are everlasting. It is said that on this day, there is no commercial activity in New Zealand. This is how good Good Friday is.

Why is it Called Good Friday?

Good Friday is definitely the most important day on the Christian calendar, in my opinion. It is the day that Jesus Christ gave up His life for you. It was the day when God Almighty gave His only son to die for and cleanse humanity from sin. What gift is better than this?

The Gift that Makes Good Friday Good

What gift is greater than when a life is sacrificed without complaint to save humanity from sin and to bring us closer to the Father and His word? For this, there is no day as good as Good Friday. It was the terrible day that led to the resurrection of Christ and also the day of the salvation of humanity from sin. That’s why it is called Good Friday. The blessed Good Friday.