What is Hustle and Why It Should Be Done Right

You should be proud of yourself if you do your part when it comes to ensuring an ethical, honest, and fair practice hustle.

What is Hustle and Why It Should Be Done Right
Photo by Anthony Young / Unsplash

What is Hustle?

Hustle is the drive and actions that an individual takes in pursuit of prosperity and success. We allow ourselves the best things in life by giving what we do or our careers the best. Computer interfaces and technologies use the concept of GIGO, which refers to Garbage In, Garbage Out. In more ways than we would like to admit, the hustle is very much like that.

Why Your Hustle Should be Honest

Hustle entails making honest and non-conceited efforts towards a goal or objective and putting in the hard work to see it through. The concept of hard work is something that I think we don’t appreciate. When I think of hard work, I think of gold mines in South Africa and the massive effort that goes into retrieving and refining gold.

The Hustle of Gold Mining

Gold is a precious metal and can get found in various locations that, over time, have become comprised of specific geographies or mineral ore. Gold is precious, as we all know, and gets sought worldwide. It is very much also a standard when it comes to value and the particular ways economies, currencies, and stocks can be valued. The price of gold is very much an anchor for global economies as the stock market is.