What is Hustle and Why It Should Be Done Right

You should be proud of yourself if you do your part when it comes to ensuring an ethical, honest, and fair practice hustle.

What is Hustle and Why It Should Be Done Right
Photo by Anthony Young / Unsplash

What is Hustle?

Hustle is the drive and actions that an individual takes in pursuit of prosperity and success. We allow ourselves the best things in life by giving what we do or our careers the best. Computer interfaces and technologies use the concept of GIGO, which refers to Garbage In, Garbage Out. In more ways than we would like to admit, the hustle is very much like that.

Why Your Hustle Should be Honest

Hustle entails making honest and non-conceited efforts towards a goal or objective and putting in the hard work to see it through. The concept of hard work is something that I think we don’t appreciate. When I think of hard work, I think of gold mines in South Africa and the massive effort that goes into retrieving and refining gold.

The Hustle of Gold Mining

Gold is a precious metal and can get found in various locations that, over time, have become comprised of specific geographies or mineral ore. Gold is precious, as we all know, and gets sought worldwide. It is very much also a standard when it comes to value and the particular ways economies, currencies, and stocks can be valued. The price of gold is very much an anchor for global economies as the stock market is.

Why is Gold Mining So Difficult?

Gold mining is an arduous process. It involves going hundreds of meters and even kilometers underground to search for, blast out, and retrieve the gold. As seen in innovation, flight, and the ability to fly were quite an achievement for the human race. However, going the opposite way, underground, is much more challenging.

Gold mining in South Africa and other places all over the world is a labor of love, and the sweat, blood, and tears that go into it make it a profitable business. A lot of safety and situational awareness is also needed to ensure that the miners are safe and that each step in the mining process remains secure.

The Need for Blasting to Retrieve Gold from Deposits

A considerable part of mining entails blasting out sheets of rock or earth underground as a way to get to the mineral. The process involves undertaking hundreds or even thousands of mini-blasts and installing stabilizing holds or pillars as you go. Once the mineral gets reached, however many hundreds of meters underground, the mineral itself has to be retrieved. Retrieval mostly entails blasting.

Purifying Gold

In numerous cases, including gold mining, the mineral is often in an unpure form and needs to be extracted together with impurities such as rock and refined afterward. The numerous industrial elevators and conveyor belts inside a mine get used to transport this mixture to the ground level for refinement.

Such refinement can be complicated and takes multiple steps until the mineral gets extracted in pure form and the impurities discarded, mountains of them. For gold, this process comes to a halt when the gold gets heated to a molten state and then placed into bar molds. The gold is now pure and can be weighed and then transported for further refinement for use in the making of jewelry.

The Dedication Needed for a Successful Hustle

Hustle can be tedious, and prosperity or success entails commitment, dedication, motivation, and self-drive. A lot of what one can do to succeed relates to honest effort, ethics, and ensuring that whatever one’s hustle is, it is legal, and the income earned is not earned illegally or under false pretenses. The individual can only be happy and enjoy the fruits of their hustle if they have earned the income sustainably and legally.

The Importance of Making Money Legally and Sustainably

It would mean that they would not have any issues with the law or with tax and government agencies such as the securities and exchange commission, S.E.C. A huge part of succeeding in hustle is legality and ensuring that income is clean and free of any illegal or deceptive activities or intent.

We should all be careful not to be overly motivated by money and should approach our careers with love for what one does. I believe that when one gives something their honest effort and pure passion, others can feel the love, and it reverberates and shines a light on the individual’s inner beauty.

Is Hustle Personal or Collective?

Hustle is very much a personal affair as it entails real and dedicated effort towards something meaningful. A lot of what gets marketed to us as hustle entails dishonest interpretations of wealth and mostly a veneer of pretentious media. For instance, if you watch some of the videos of rogue music, or music intended to create a facade, you will quickly realize the lie that gets encapsulated in a show of pomp and exuberance.

The Quiet Nature of Real Wealth

Real wealth is quiet, shy, and very, very private. Most of the hip-hop music or genre and the videos showing the over-the-top lifestyles are, in fact, a lie. These artists simply rent out the houses and cars and all that just to make a statement. As such, do not devalue or undervalue yourself. I honestly think that we should not aspire to live a facade but to legally and ethically acquire real wealth.

The Hustle of Agriculture and Crop and Livestock Farming in Africa

From an African perspective, we are so much a part of the second or third world and may not appreciate what wealth is and what it can be. A lot of the problems of African economies or economic systems can get tied to the period of slavery, colonization, and a lack of social justice. A lot of our resources and cultural artifacts and art got looted. Africa has been for the longest time a continent that has been taken advantage of over and over again. Colonialists forcefully took African arable land and wrongfully used free and enslaved labor to cultivate their crops and ensure agricultural prosperity to benefit themselves.

Until today, Africa is a major agricultural producer. Unfortunately, the ability to undertake agriculture as a venture profitably and amicably has become somewhat stifled by a lack of a sense of hustle or entrepreneurship. Here in Kenya, for instance, farming may be looked down upon as a poverty-ridden or lowly venture. However, until you have seen the potential and resourcefulness of agriculture, you may not realize that in such humble activity, there is and can be a lot of profit. Honest work is also very satisfactory.

The Need to Scale Up the Agriculture Hustle

In my view, what we appreciate as farming or undertaking agriculture lacks a sense of scale or appreciation of what it can be. When we talk of farming, we only think of a few acres of land, and mostly, our minds can only come up with fields of corn (maize), wheat, or cereal.

However, farming is extensive and can even entail farming on a much larger scale. In some parts of the world, people farm animals such as bison, buffalo, and even rhinos. Of course, these animals have to be protected, and when we speak of rhino farming, for instance, it is very much about conservation.

Condemning the Mistreatment of Wildlife and the Endangerment of Species

We vehemently condemn the mistreatment of wildlife and the endangerment of species. Farming such animals should get done as a way to protect the species and to ensure that there are sustainability and environmental conservation.

South Africa allows the responsible herding of rhinos, for instance, even as there have been increasing cases of illegal poaching and the trade of wildlife parts. This problem is very much one that is driven by consumerism, especially in Asia, where there are some beliefs regarding traditional medicine. Again, we frown upon poaching and the illegal trade in wildlife parts or ivory.

The Importance of Wildlife Conservation

Unfortunately, most of those who poach animals such as rhinos are locals who, through inequality, are disadvantaged in society. They are mostly individuals from low-income households who, due to the demand for such illegal trade, can become easily tempted or incentivized to poach.

Poaching is a scourge on society and devastates not only certain species but also entire ecosystems. There is also a lot of human loss, and a lot of people lose their lives while poaching or when trying to pursue and apprehend poachers. It is very wrong to endanger any species, and in my view, we should all condemn the illegal wildlife trade.

The Role of Consumerism in Poaching and The Financing of Organized Crime

Moreover, when consumers demand such products, and when they purchase such products that are acquired illegally, they buy in to organized crime. It is utterly shocking and disheartening to think that one could lose their life due to poaching here in Africa while working as a ranger and trying to protect an endangered species such as the White Rhino. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to avoid poaching and to protect numerous species.

It is disheartening that at the same time, consumers in Asia value animal parts and feed into this global madness that is the worldwide trade in wildlife parts and ivory. You can imagine poachers shooting down an entire rhino that has been conserved for decades and conserved through donations and well-wishers, just to take its horn. It happens even as the species is endangered and dwindling in numbers every decade. Poaching is also part of gun violence and is very wrong and inhumane.

The Extinction of Endangered Species

In the other part of the world, in Asia, consumers are willingly purchasing meaningless cups and drinking vessels, and bowls made of such illegal products and ivory. Such demand becomes fueled by the belief that such items and using them could act as a cure for ailments such as cancer. No proven scientific studies are indicating this, and in my view, it is a meaningless extinction of our wildlife and destruction of the ecosystem.

Due to such consumerism and out of it, our natural resources are getting plundered. Those who buy such items do not even know the kind of effort that goes into conserving wildlife. They are also not aware of the cultural and ecological importance of wildlife and exotic species to Africa and the beauty of our continent.

The Importance of the Tourism Hustle for African Economies

Entire economies depend on tourism, and when tourist attractions are poached, entire economies go into disarray. In some ways, the illegal wildlife trade exploits our country and continent in the same manner colonizers did decades ago. It involves the plunder of natural resources mercilessly and with little regard for the future and the beauty that future generations will have the possibility of enjoying.

You can imagine being born at a time when rhinos get seen in the same way we see dinosaurs today, as extinct animals that used to grace the world. It is upon every one of us to dissuade and condemn others from undertaking or partaking in this trade. Our wildlife is not for sale, and we will not accept any plunder of our natural resources.

Ensuring You Partake in Environmental Conservation as Part of Your Hustle

All hustle should be legal and geared towards providing real solutions to real problems. We should not value money or becoming rich quickly. To get wealthy, it takes decades of hard passionate work. Those who succeed in life love what they do and do not harm any wildlife or endangered species while doing it. They undertake legal and life-preserving efforts to ensure that their activities do not harm others or the environment.

Successful individuals and society as a whole can encourage environmental conservation as a way to give back. Additionally, a massive part of what we now know as climate action should come from corporates as part of corporate social responsibility. The companies that we buy from should be at the forefront of environmental conservation and mitigating climate change.

The Need for Recycling in Every Hustle

Producers of non-biodegradable items and packaging such as glass and plastic should be at the forefront of ensuring that there are recycling schemes. This would ensure that a lot of the waste out of the use of their products gets recycled.

They should find alternative and more sustainable ways to produce and package their products, and when they are unable to, ensure that they educate consumers on recycling. The reuse, reduce, and recycle slogan should be mainstream, and we should all educate ourselves and others on what it means to separate trash and ensure we dispose of it properly.

Ensuring the Proper Disposal of Waste

Companies should also ensure that they do not dispose of their waste, including chemical waste, into ecosystems such as rivers and lakes. It drowns and kills entire ecosystems as the food chain is interrupted, and either some species will completely die off or overly populate, leading to an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Corporate social responsibility or CSR should be something that companies do without being pushed to do. It should entail honest, ethical, and competitively-fair efforts to ensure that corporates play their role in the betterment of society.

The Ethics of Hustle and Hustling

As we have seen, the hustle is very much honest, ethical, and fair. It entails ensuring environmental conservation and friendliness. As consumers also, we should avoid consumerism and over-consuming products. When we consume, we should ensure that we do it sustainably and with the environment in mind.

We should also educate ourselves on proper waste disposal and the environmental friendliness of the production of the goods we consume. Following instructions is also very crucial when separating trash and disposing of garbage correctly.

Purchasing Sustainable Products to Ensure Health and Environmental Conservation

We can today use technology to track the production of goods and their nutritional components to ensure we only purchase sustainable products. Family farms, for instance, can offer more sustainable products that are not mass-produced. A lot of food products, for example, can be unhealthy, and we should also leverage technology to ensure that we lead healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Healthy living, especially in the current pandemic, is very crucial as a way to avoid lifestyle diseases, including cancer and diabetes. Gamers and all those who stay in, even in the current lockdown, should ensure that they exercise within their homes and do it as a way to break the monotony of work or gaming for extended periods.

Ensuring We Relax as COVID Keeps Us Away from Our Hustles

The current period should also entail relaxation and for parents, reconnecting with and enjoying full-time parenthood. Even as we move into a new normal after COVID-19 and hopefully, after the approval of a vaccine and vaccination, we should remain steadfast in ensuring that our hustle is environmentally conscious. It would be immoral to profiteer from environmental degradation or detriment, and our careers and how we make a living should never negatively influence others or the environment and the species therein.

The Motivation for Doing Your Best in Your Hustle

You should be proud of yourself if you do your part when it comes to ensuring an ethical, honest, and fair practice hustle. One can draw a lot of positive energy and motivation from knowing that they have done what they can to play a role in ensuring a better world.

Hustle and hustle for, and seek to do good. Love what you do, and it will love you back and make you happy. I won’t tell you to go get rich, but I will encourage you to seek actual and honest wealth. It should entail a wealth of heart and goodness towards others and the environment.

The Importance of Religiosity and Prayer While You Hustle

Religiosity and prayer are very much a part of what you can do to ensure health and wellness as you pursue success. You can and will succeed, and all you need to do is to give an honest effort and commitment from the heart. Be brave, take a chance, and do not be shy of hustle. Encourage teamwork and do all that is possible to deal with groupthink and its adverse effects. Follow your path, and when it feels wrong, it probably is.