What is Inner Beauty and How to See It

A lot of the media and content that we see these days come geared towards extrinsic beauty and the standards that fashion imposes on women.

What is Inner Beauty and How to See It
Photo by Lesly Juarez / Unsplash

What is Inner Beauty?

Inner beauty is the beauty that is not visible. It is beauty that can only get fathomed and gets appreciated as inward qualities such as kindness, generosity, good intent, patience, stewardship, honesty, and love.

How to be Beautiful Inside

To be beautiful inside, one has to have a light to them. That is, the grace to appreciate life, people, and nature. Appreciation entails caring for and nourishing life, people, and nature. Inner beauty has been somewhat politicized as a metric, and this is wrong. Inner beauty cannot be measured, and it is either there or not there. It is a boolean value as appreciated in technology.

The Desirability of Inner Beauty

Beauty is a strong word and speaks to everything desirable, wanted, or appreciable. For instance, a lady with an effect on others in terms of kindness, grace, and gratitude is termed to be intrinsically beautiful. Gentlemen can also get seen to have the gentlemanliness or chivalry expected of them by possessing the same qualities.