What is the Purpose of Time in Our Lives

We can only discover what will happen in the future when we wait and see it. Time calls for patience for the future to be revealed.

What is the Purpose of Time in Our Lives
Photo by Lukas Blazek / Unsplash

Time is a system of measuring periods to varying extents to comprehend how long an activity or occurrence takes. Time is a construct of human civilization and a metric system for human life within the earth and beyond our planet. Time dictates what we can comprehend as periods or lengths of periods, allowing for some semblance of order and control.

The Continuum of Time and Its Effect on the Universe

Time allows human life to measure itself in a way that not even forces, waves, or energy, can. Since humans existed, there has been the recognition of a difference in different periods during the day, such as when the sun rises, when the sun is shining, and when it sets, the earth gets dark.

Time and Its Purpose in the Rotation of the Earth

The earth as a planet depends on time to understand how different forces and energies work. For instance, we know that the earth rotates on its own axis. You can imagine how detrimental it would be to understand science if we didn’t appreciate this rotation period as 24 hours.