What is Trumpism?

Donald Trump is a hateful leader. He is an uninformed, unqualified, and incapable leader.

What is Trumpism?
Trumpism is the bile and madness that came to U.S. politics with the voting in of Trump as the President of the U.S. Source: TET.

'Trumpism' is a phenomenon that came to life in 2016 after the surprise and shock election of President Donald Trump. Trump’s brand of politics is referred to as ‘Trumpism’ and has led to a lot of polarization in the United States and, to some extent, all over the world. Trump has his own base of supporters who he is an expert in invigorating and firing up through his hateful and racist rhetoric.

The Populism and Nationalism of Donald Trump's Politics

Trump’s politics is unconventional and hateful. It is a kind of nationalism and, in some way, populism that encourages an American-first view of the world. Unfortunately, such a view is only sold as America-first even as it is really Trump-first.

Donald Trump is a Hateful Leader

Donald Trump is a hateful leader. He is an uninformed, unqualified, and incapable leader. Along with his supporters, Trump seems to be living in a world of his own where he easily lies and spins the truth as a way to brainwash his supporters and those who will believe what he says. Trump has set the record for the most misleading and misinforming politician in human history. He seems to be in a cocoon of not knowing what the facts are and creating his own as he goes.

Trump's Unfortunate Endorsement of Conspiracy Theories

Trump’s lies and the misinformation that his campaign and administration have exacerbated in the last four years have adversely affected the political scene in America and globally. Trump has gone as far as to endorse conspiracy theories that draw him to be some ‘savior.’ That is pure nonsense, and as a citizen of the world, I have a lot of objections to Trumpism and what Trump stands for.

Why a Second Term for Trump Could be Detrimental for Honor and Pragmatism in U.S. Politics

I fear for the world if the Trump phenomenon becomes exacerbated by a possible second term in office after the current elections. There is also the fear that Trump’s family, including his sons, could likely continue being part of the United States’ political infrastructure, much to the detriment of honesty, respect, honor, and pragmatism.

Trumpism as the Unfortunate Consequence of Misinformation

Trumpism is an unfortunate consequence of misinformation and offensive notions and utterances by Donald Trump, his cronies, and his supporters. Trump recently claimed that the Democratic party would introduce socialism or a Marxist kind of leadership in America. This is absolutely false and an example of the numerous offensive and unevidenced fabrications of Trump and his campaign.

The Paradox of Trump: POTUS but Most Under-Informed and Misinformed

Trump has been termed as one of the most misinformed and under-informed leaders of the Free World. Trump should be ousted in my view, and what he stands for reprimanded at all levels of society. If he loses this election, as it seems he will, he should be quickly forgotten and prosecuted for his numerous crimes. The world can no longer continue listening to a  conman and criminal who, unfortunately, landed the world’s most important job as the President of the United States.