What it Means to Love Yours and Why You Should be Doing It Already

Love yours, love your life just the way it is. You do not need a luxury lifestyle to be happy.

What it Means to Love Yours and Why You Should be Doing It Already
Photo by Tim Marshall / Unsplash

What Does 'Love Yours' Mean?

‘Love Yours’ is a call to self-love and to love oneself and one’s own life. Love your life because it is a gift from God, and do not seek to be like others. Your life and you, as a person, are all you need to achieve your goals and reach your dreams. We mostly get lost in the perception of the good lives that others seem to be living and may feel that we are not enough. It is not the case, and we are all enough, enough to ourselves, those who love us, and the world. Love yours encourages us to love who we are, what we have, and those who love us.

Technology and How It May Make It Seem Like We Are Not Having a Good Enough Life

With the advent of technology and the proliferation of social media and social networking sites, we may get exposed to media portraying gleaming lifestyles and perceptions of wealth, riches, money, and pomp. As a consumer of social media and social networking content, one may become led to think that they are not doing enough or do not have what it takes to succeed as others seem to have succeeded.

Appreciating and Loving Your Own Culture

One may get drawn into a culture or mode of thinking that belittles their own culture, lifestyle, financial well-being, and how they interact with material things and wealth. However, if you look closely enough, you realize that it is all vanity. People will do absolutely anything to create a notion of wealth, being happy, living a lavish lifestyle, and even being attractive. The perceptions relayed to the world are, more often than not, interpretations of a vain way of looking at life and an oversharing of one’s personal business.