What Made Ancient Egypt So Great?

Ancient Egypt, in all its art, culture, heritage, and exuberance, is a testament to the potential that the human species has.

What Made Ancient Egypt So Great?
Photo by Color Crescent / Unsplash

What is Ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egypt was a kingdom in its very essence. It was a strong kingdom led by revered kings. Even having taken place millennia ago, the story of ancient Egypt and ancient Egyptians’ culture are fascinating. How on earth did human beings at the time have such sophistication and a richness of culture that is arguably more innate and exuberant than we have today.

In the simplicity of the millennia passed, there was an enormous, rich, proud, and authoritarian kingdom in Africa, ancient Egypt. Most of the time, the media and interpreters of history will try and take away from Africa and its richness, both in material and cultural wealth. However, we can today appreciate that Africa has always been and will always be sophisticated.

The Greatness of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was a kingdom to be reckoned with. It isn’t easy to picture what having such a tenacious kingdom would be like and what the king stood for at the time. Egyptian pharaohs were revered and are still revered today as leaders who led with strength and might. Like everything else in life, Kingdoms took a lot of work to build, and unfortunately, for a time, the work came from Israelites who were enslaved in Egypt. The ancient Egyptian story ties to that one of the Israelites and interweaves the two to give insight into how we got to modern civilization.

The Scenery of Ancient Egypt

From a visual perspective, I would imagine the beauty of the river Nile at the time, the green shimmered water, unpolluted, and rippling with embers of sunlight. I would imagine the fresh air and richness of the land and nature. Though led by a strong and demanding king, the people are happy and proud to be who they are. Proud to be Egyptian in the time of an empire like no other. In their heavy armor and spears, I think of the Egyptian soldiers, marching with might as they prepare for battle. Their chariots and beautiful horses, strong and fast, beasts of war.

The Mighty Ancient Egyptian Palaces

The palace with its mighty doors, opening up to a garden with a fountain, a sight of regality. The king’s hall or the council’s meeting place and guests, the gold in the room. Gold everywhere, the glimmer of the metal in the sunset, and the chatter in the room as guests from all over the world enjoy the wine from the king’s vineyards. The king, regal and well-built, a walking ‘god,’ revered by his subjects and guests alike. Dressed in rich gold-filled ornaments and holding his crook and flail, his symbols of authority.

The Admiration Accorded to Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt must have been a well-known and respected kingdom the world over. Think of the stories told about the mighty Egyptian armies, their strength, and their power. The world must have marveled and, essentially, admired the Egyptians and their strong kingdom. The Egyptians must have also been a significant part of global trade and would, in all essence, undertake commerce with people from other places.

The Mastery of Ancient Egyptians in Various Crafts

The ancient Egyptians were also masters in numerous fields, including art, sculpture, culinary arts, jewelry, and embroidery, among many other crafts. The expertise at the time was something that we simply do not have today. The Egyptian sphinxes and pyramids are excellent examples of the skills, mastery, intellect, and knowledge that flourished in ancient Egypt.

The painstaking work of building such eternal and timeless architecture must have been an expression of the intent and will to preserve culture, heritage, and tradition. The ancient Egyptians were hardworking people who did not let the task’s enormity discourage their effort in seeing it through.

Ancient Egyptian Religion

Ancient Egyptians also believed in life after death, as did many other traditional African societies. Ancient Egyptians were very keen to preserve their dead pharaohs through mummification. The practice was part of the burial customs of the ancient Egyptian religion. The attention to detail and keenness on longevity are what stand out the most in ancient Egyptian culture.

The Belief System of Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians had a belief system that they held intangibly and expressed outwardly, to a great extent. Such expression is an excellent example and a show of cultural richness and invaluable heritage. It is fascinating to see just how keen ancient Egyptians were on being who they were, without any self-doubt or wavering of faith.

Today’s world lacks such self-appreciation and an understanding of who we are, why we live in this world, and our purposes. It is quite astounding to think that, at the time, the ancient Egyptian society had such immense self-assurance and self-belief.

The Hard Work that It Took to Make Ancient Egypt Great

Ancient Egypt, in all its art, culture, heritage, and exuberance, is a testament to the potential that the human species has. We are beings who are much more than we think we are. We are capable of surpassing our potential or the potential ceilings we have placed for ourselves. As the human species, we may be downplaying our roles in the world, the cosmos, and also in the perpetuity of time. We are a species that can mobilize ourselves to build gigantic structures, as in the pyramids, at a time when bricks had to be made by hand.

The effort explicated by ancient Egyptians is something that lacks today. As a species, we may have lost the values of hard work as time went by. Perhaps the human species today lacks the build or the strength to push ourselves to accomplish even the most difficult tasks. Can we, today, build a pyramid? Can the human species and modern human beings undertake such an insurmountable task? I wonder.

The Beauty of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians epitomized cultural heritage and faith in oneself, one’s kind and the supreme being. Ancient Egyptians put so much effort into leading genuinely fulfilling lives. You can imagine the jewelers in ancient Egypt, doing their best to find the most precious metals and gemstones to make the most beautiful pieces. At that time, the most beautiful jewelry would be made for the pharaoh or the queen.

Who was Nefertiti?

Nefertiti was an ancient Egyptian queen revered for her beauty. She was christened Nefertiti, meaning ‘the beautiful woman has come.’ Ancient Egyptians were very hardworking people and that, for me, is what I admire most about them. Ancient Egypt was a wealthy, proud, strong, and famous kingdom.

Ancient Egyptians were apt believers in their religion and exemplified faith and self-worth. It was a kingdom for eternity and has weathered the sand of time. Even today, more and more discoveries are being made on ancient Egypt, and it's quite a marvel how cultured that particular society was.