When Your Girl Loves a Girl

There’s nothing wrong with loving someone, the same way there’s nothing wrong with wanting someone.

When Your Girl Loves a Girl
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Few things are more confusing in this world than when your girl loves a girl. It is an absolute disaster of epic proportions when she has a girl and there’s nothing you can do to dissuade her from loving her girl. Love is a maze as is and to add this on there, it becomes a nightmare.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Loving or Wanting Someone

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with loving someone, the same way there’s nothing wrong with wanting someone. However, when someone catfishes and pretends to be straight only to lead the other person on and later break their heart, then there’s a huge problem. In essence, such behavior speaks to a lack of honesty and pretentiousness or what some would call hypocrisy.

Discrimination in Matters Love and Sexuality

I know there’s a lot of discrimination, especially in matters of love and sexuality but that is no excuse to pretend and have others think they have a chance at loving you. I am also not saying that one should always be out there shouting that they are gay on the rooftops. Even so, human decency indicates that one should at least say something about it to someone interested in them. Even though you may not be in a position to predict how they will react, at least you’ll know that you were honest and spared them a heartbreak.

An Increasingly Lesbian Female Population in Urban Kenya

There has been a wave of girl-with-girl relationships over the past decade or so. To put this in context, I am speaking of Kenya and the issue has mostly touched on university students. One would think that with the freedom and ability to socialize, then ladies would socialize with guys but it seems that they are increasingly interested.

My Two ‘False-Positives’

I’ve had like two false positives with people I would have dated but turned out to be lesbians. The situation was so strange I didn’t even know how to react. I have no problem with anyone out there who subscribes to unconventional sexuality but I wouldn’t date someone who is not straight as well. The reasoning behind that is that I would be risking my health and even emotional well-being trying to interact with and love someone who also loves girls or is bi or whatever.

Girl-with-Girl Relationships as a Reaction to Male-Inflicted Trauma

In my humble opinion, I feel like more and more girls are opting to date other girls as a way to react and reiterate against the mistakes that boys have made. We boys, or guys, are quite the stupid creature when it comes to matters of love and relationships. Most of us are only led by our primal instincts to procreate so much so that we end up leaving a trail of broken hearts and trauma.

Toys and Tools for Same-Sex Love

Consequently, girls realize that they’d rather not deal with guys as there are now sex toys and all manners of tools and or ‘buzzers’ for self or same-sex satisfaction.

Studs or Lady-Boys

The sad reality, however, is that as much as a lady can dress up as and behave like a guy, they are really still ladies. She’ll have her days too and go through life as a woman. Even more heartbreaking is that some of these ladies, the ‘macho’ ones pretending to be guys, are even worse womanizers than the boys are. They’re unkempt, cunning, and brash to the point they’ll charm anything in a skirt. The boys may have made a mess of things, but the ‘lady-boys’ are far worse.

Broke My Heart but at least She was Honest

I felt so bad losing someone I really liked to the revelation that she had a girlfriend. I didn’t know what to say initially and I thought she was just joking. However, she reaffirmed that she was in love with a girl and as much as I disliked it, I had to take the L. For the second time around, this was really heartbreaking and sad. But as with everything, what doesn’t kill you, can’t kill you anyway. 😂😂

Could Daddy Issues be Leading More Girls into Lesbianism?

I wonder to myself whether some of why girls opt for girls is due to their daddy issues. Do people who have had bad experiences with men or male figures in their lives become predisposed to developing romantic relationships with people of the same gender? I’m talking about girls and to me, it’s so sad to think that she’ll end up with another girl as a way to avoid a reoccurrence of her trauma with men or to get away from a bad experience. Regardless of the reason why I believe everyone has a right to do what they want. Everyone has the right to love who they want and for whatever reason.

Love is Love: Respecting and Understanding All Kinds of Love

Love is love and we all should respect the person one chooses to love and be with. As such, I had to understand both times when my girl loved a girl and I wished them the best. Even if I had to let them go and kind of reject them for it, I truly wished them well. For the second time, I was also really grateful that she told me the truth earlier on before things advanced. I appreciate her honesty and even as often my reaction is to cut someone off, I’m happy that she’s happy.

Avoiding Homophobia

In my view, there’s nothing sweeter than a straight or heterosexual relationship. I have never felt love like I have felt for girls. Even though I may not have any interest in dudes, I try my best to avoid homophobia. I remember even cutting off a friend cause he was outrightly homophobic to the extent I was disgusted. You don’t have to hate anyone for anything or at the very least show that you do. We are all people and only God can judge us.