Why Being Single is a Vibe

When looking for love, do it like you’re about to employ someone in a top position in an international relations company.

Why Being Single is a Vibe
Be free. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Being single is such a vibe and I can’t believe how wonderful it has become to have no entanglements. I love my life and jeez, it’s been such an adventure being single. Being single is a vibe and here’s why.

Being Single is a Vibe because You Can be Yourself

When you’re single, you can be yourself. You can go anywhere you want, do what you want, and not have to mind anyone’s feelings or thoughts of you. When you’re single, you can literally hop onto a plane and move to another country. That’s amazing. Imagine the horror of having to explain to your partner that you have to move to another country when you’re in a relationship.

Being Single is a Vibe because it allows Self-Love

Being single is a vibe because it allows and encourages self-love. You only have yourself to love when you’re single and instead of wallowing in sorrow and feeling like you’re missing out, you can take advantage of being single by taking the time to take good care of yourself. It can even be a time to better some things about you. You can take up fitness, yoga, or other self-improvement classes and lessons.

Being Single Allows You to Get More Entuned with Your Emotional State and Self

When it comes to the heart and your overall emotional state and emotional intelligence, being single is a vibe because when you’re single you get the chance, time, and opportunity to improve your emotional intelligence. Think of it this way, your emotional state and intelligence are like the engine of your love life. When the heart (the car) is not in operation, then you can freely repair and service the engine and even give it a tune-up if you want to. As such, being single presents a great opportunity for working on your emotional intelligence and overall emotional well-being. It can be the time to learn about your emotional conditioning.

Being Single is a Vibe because it allows you to Open Up and Vibe with Others

In my experience, being single is a time of utter joy for me. I get to spend a lot of time with myself and look into the things I can improve about myself. When I’m single and not ‘talking’ to anyone, I subconsciously allow myself to meet new people and get interested in them. I open up my heart, my mind, and my soul and it is during these times, when the walls are down, that we live the most. Being single is a vibe for me because when I’m single I don’t bother texting. I am not always on my phone and will take the time to watch a movie, take a walk, and even do more of my content creation.

Forget the Past and Take Care of Yourself

Regardless of the reason you’re single, being single is the time to care for you. It’s like being on a vacation away from work. It’s a perfect opportunity for self-care and a time to prepare yourself for the next relationship. When I say prepare, I mean taking the time to see what went wrong and how you can improve on your approach to problems and solve them with your partner.

Being Single is a Vibe because It’s Only a Reset Button

Being single is by no means an OFF button, but is a RESET button. It’s an opportunity to unwind, gather your senses and emotions, take steps forward and ensure you find the right person. I enjoy being single so much because I realized that true love finds you, you don’t have to necessarily look for it but you should just in case. When I say look for love, I don’t mean you should be pathetic and needy when in search. Instead, hold your chin up and go through life like someone who doesn’t need a thing. The best love is self-love and to be honest, you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.

Being Single is a Vibe because it Allows You to Mingle

Being single is such a vibe and if you love to mingle, then being single is a free pass to do just that. My only advice would be to strap up, use protection, and don’t be too quick to trust anyone. I also find that when you ‘mingle’ and build up expectations of a relationship coming out of it, you kind of jinx the whole thing. As such, just take things step-by-step and you will be fine. Don’t think about the whole journey, just the next right step.

Looking for Love: Brains over Beauty

Being single is such a vibe but it’s no excuse to go for beauty over brains. Now that you’re single, allow yourself the wisdom of knowing that looks are just that: looks. Find someone with a good personality, excellent communication skills, beyond-average problem-solving skills, empathy, and an understanding of what it means to love someone. We, especially the boys, will prioritize outward beauty over necessary qualifications that would better the chances of longevity for the relationship and its overall success.

Qualifications Needed for Your New Love

When looking for love, do it like you’re about to employ someone in a top position in an international relations company. Let them qualify first and then you can consider outward beauty and appearance just as icing on the cake. Please remember that. I know. I’ve been there. Being single is a vibe and I hope you don’t wallow over bygones and get yourself together and enjoy your newly found freedom. Enjoy.