Why It is Important to Show Up to Your Invitations

When someone has invited you for a collaboration, for instance, they are seeking to work with you and are giving you a chance to work with them.

Why It is Important to Show Up to Your Invitations
Photo by Alex wong / Unsplash

What Does Show Up Mean?

‘Show Up’ is about meeting your engagements and always showing up to your appointments. It is advisable to always keep your word in terms of the engagements and commitments you make to turn up somewhere. One should always be courteous and honest in ensuring that they are doing it with honesty and the actual intent to show up when they accept an invitation. It is not okay to make commitments and not show up and stand up someone. It is disrespectful, and the person or organization inviting you for a meeting will feel disrespected and may find you rude. Showing up is as important as it is to always be on time.

Honesty: Why It is Important to Only Accept Invitations You Intend to Attend

One should not make engagements when they know they won’t make it or do not want to attend. Always be honest and ensure that you keep your word as your word is your bond. I feel like if you want to get somewhere in your career, personal or professional life, always try your best to build a good repertoire with those you meet.

It is always good to be a person that can be trusted and depended upon to meet their engagements and see through the commitments they make. If someone expects you to turn up and you don’t, then you not only miss out on the networking and probably discussion on business that you could have done, but you also create a bad repertoire for yourself. Nobody wants to deal or work with dishonest people and make commitments or engagements that they do not show up to. No one wants to be stood up, even you.