Why It's Important to Vote and How It Can Change the World

In terms of foreign policy, your vote will change the world by ensuring that you elect a leader who cares and understands what it means to be a global leader.

Why It's Important to Vote and How It Can Change the World
"You can't fix stupid, But you can vote it out!" Photo by Heather Mount / Unsplash

What Does 'Vote and Change the World' Mean?

'Vote and Change the World' speaks to this election year and the U.S. election set for November 2020. Your vote, as an American, matters now more than ever. You are currently wielding power like has never been seen on the face of the earth. You have power in your eligibility to vote and the actualization of your voting.

Why It is Important to Vote?

Voting is a constitutional right for all American citizens regardless of their race, financial well-being, jurisdiction, or state. Your power to vote is today a chance for you to affirm your patriotism to your nation and your love for America. When I think of the U.S., I see potential, world-class potential, and strength in power and people. The United States is a juggernaut that has, for the last half a decade, been led by an incapable, indecent, and unqualified leader personified in Donald. J. Trump.