Why It's Important to Vote and How It Can Change the World

In terms of foreign policy, your vote will change the world by ensuring that you elect a leader who cares and understands what it means to be a global leader.

Why It's Important to Vote and How It Can Change the World
"You can't fix stupid, But you can vote it out!" Photo by Heather Mount / Unsplash

What Does 'Vote and Change the World' Mean?

'Vote and Change the World' speaks to this election year and the U.S. election set for November 2020. Your vote, as an American, matters now more than ever. You are currently wielding power like has never been seen on the face of the earth. You have power in your eligibility to vote and the actualization of your voting.

Why It is Important to Vote?

Voting is a constitutional right for all American citizens regardless of their race, financial well-being, jurisdiction, or state. Your power to vote is today a chance for you to affirm your patriotism to your nation and your love for America. When I think of the U.S., I see potential, world-class potential, and strength in power and people. The United States is a juggernaut that has, for the last half a decade, been led by an incapable, indecent, and unqualified leader personified in Donald. J. Trump.

The Poor Performance of Donald J. Trump as POTUS and Why He Doesn't Deserve a Second Chance

The 2016 election results were like a sleight of hand from the capable hands of Houdini. As a clown, Trump has done so poorly that it feels like a boy is leading an empire. You can imagine the people’s plight thousands of years ago when, in a kingdom, the heir to the throne was a boy.

As seen in boys and power, boys and leaders who lack the substance are calamitous for any established governance. I say this out of sheer disbelief at how poorly Mr. Trump has led the United States. I have no personal or vested interest in the U.S. election, but as a global citizen, the election’s outcome matters to me. Or does it?

The Power and Influence Consequences of Voting and Doing It Right

A country as influential, powerful, and prosperous as the United States is a global powerhouse and is depended on by its citizens and the world. I imagine if today the United States introduced a trade tariff for goods entering the country, the world as a whole would take a financial hit. In terms of fiscal policy and infrastructure, the United States is the epitome of economic prowess.

Jack Ma's and Alibaba's Coronation Moment

An excellent example was Jack Ma’s ‘coronation moment’ when his company, Alibaba, became listed on the New York stock exchange. Such success and its influence on a company, its products and services, customers, and the world as a whole, are enormous. Alibaba is one of the biggest and most successful multinationals globally, partly thanks to that NYSE listing.

The U.S as a Global Benchmark for Democracy, Policy, and Law

America is the country that the world benchmarks with in terms of policy, governance, citizen rights, and freedoms, and the constitution’s power and will, among many other desirable traits. It is a global leader in how nations can develop capable, reliable, and efficient systems of governance. It is also a nation where entrepreneurs and governments worldwide can benchmark when developing industry, technology, and leadership systems.

The U.S. Supreme Court and Its Significance in Global Law

When it comes to legal matters, the rulings and arguments of the U.S supreme court have been depended upon, for guidance, for decades now. The most famous cases, such as Roe v. Wade, are fodder for legal and law-related arguments and discussions the world over. America has also been a nation with a record of inclusivity, global citizenship, emigration, and oneness. The communities of America have been tight-knit, and, unfortunately, they are today polarised due to bad leadership.

Voting as a Way to Bolster Democracy and Show Patriotism

Leadership is everything when it comes to democracies, and the various ways nations conserve and build on their democratic tendencies and facilitations. Democracies are inherently geared toward producing effective, egalitarian, and pragmatic leadership. However, when the people do not give input or choose ineffective leaders, then democracy is beaten and ravaged at the ballots. Your vote as a citizen is pure power in your hands. It may not feel like it, and you may wonder why even bother voting.

Voting as the Greatest Gift You Can Give to Your Country

The truth is that there is no other greater gift on this earth you can give to your country like participating in elections and doing it honestly, legally, and in the right way. i.e., according to the constitution. Sometimes we may feel that our single vote doesn’t count and assume that others will vote on our behalf, but that is simply not true. Your vote counts as the sun counts in the solar system. Without your vote, the future is uncertain. Very uncertain. Your vote tells the universe that you want a better life for your children, their children, and generations to come.

Why History Will Judge Us Very Harshly on Whether We Voted and How We Voted

History will judge all of us harshly for not voting or voting in an unconstitutional way or for allowing our voting to be influenced by malicious actors. You can imagine the plight of the world if votes did not matter. The voting concept is itself anchored on giving the people a say, a choice, and an opportunity to make their voices heard and for their voices to count.

Voting is a chance and opportunity to change the world. As simple and as complicated as that sounds, your vote will inherently change the world. It will change your world and the world around you. For those in the West and America or Europe, your vote will change the world literally. Like honey is sweet and bees sting, your vote will change the world as an American voter.

Ensuring Freedom and the Respect of Human Rights by Voting

Failure to vote, voting unconstitutionally, or even interfering with or intimidating other voters will negatively impact the world and deny others’ rights and the chance for them to change the world. As a citizen in your country, you may feel like the world doesn’t care or bother about what you do and the kind of political or social standpoints you make.

The Importance of Voting in a Truly Capable Leader

However, when an American voter votes for an incapable leader, the world trembles and suffers for generations at the plight of such faltering leadership. The same holds for all other nations worldwide. If South Africa never had Mandela, maybe it would still be in colonizers’ hands.

Through voting, patriotism, and the exercising of citizen’s rights, South Africa is today making efforts to deal with and grapple with an apartheid past. Without even going too deep into issues relating to race and social justice, your vote as a citizen, and a global citizen, is super important.

Considering How Your Vote Will Impact Critical Issues Such as Climate Change

Think of climate change and what your vote would do or not do, if you do or do not vote, for climate-responsible leadership. If you vote and vote for a leader who understands and appreciates that the world is in the midst of a climate crisis, you will have done your part in ensuring efforts towards climate change mitigation are bolstered. On the other hand, not voting would inherently mean that you have not done your part in seeing the world become more carbon-neutral.

How the Paris Climate Agreement Could be Affected by Your Vote

Climate accords such as the Paris Agreement, and your country’s participation and inclusion in such efforts and treaties, directly depend on your vote. When you do not vote, therefore, you allow for the propagation of the climate crisis. It isn’t easy to hear, I know, but it is the truth. The same holds for foreign policy.

How Your Vote Could Ensure Your Country Continues Providing Relief Aid to Needy Countries

When you do not vote, you risk the cessation of the facilitation of aid to underdeveloped countries. Some entire nations and regions depend on your vote as an American voter to get assistance and funding for humanitarian efforts. There are people in need, suffering from malnutrition, sick, extremely poor, and incapable of leading normal and happy lives.

You may not know this, but a good part of the global population lives on less than two dollars a day. Imagine the indignity you would be doing these people by not voting or voting for a leader who will, without shame, take away aid from impoverished countries and regions.

Your Vote and How It Could Change the World via Legislation

Your vote counts more than you will ever know. Legislation on abortion and immigration directly depends on you casting your vote and how you cast it. Whatever inclinations or beliefs you may have on such matters, not voting is failing to do your part in ensuring that, as the global community or as your country and the local population, you tackle and solve issues at the heart of society.

It is so disheartening to see ‘protestors’ so riled up on matters relating to race, health, and social injustice while having not voted in the previous election. Even worse, having voted for a leader who is outrightly not capable, willing, or even qualified to lead the country. History will judge all of us harshly for the effort or lack thereof (by not voting), in seeing the Trump presidency to victory. However, like a hurricane that passes, the moment that it is gone, we start rebuilding.

Reconstituting the Progress Made in Dealing with Racial Issues by Voting and Voting Wisely

We need to reconstitute the progress made in dealing with matters of race and unity. We need to remember that God loves all of just as we are. God does not see race or color. God sees all of us for who we are, and He sees our souls. Loving your neighbor and being your brother’s or sister’s keeper is what God wants for us. We serve God by serving others and sharing with them the love of God. When we allow hate or anti-semitism to cloud that love, we fail to share the love of God with others, as is expected of us. Love yourself and love your neighbor.

Are you a good neighbor literally and figuratively?

Your Vote and How it Will Change the World in Terms of Race and Social Justice

In epigenetics, we saw that people of color globally still suffer a kind of self-hate or inferiority complex due to the ills and injustices committed during slavery and apartheid. It can be seen in issues relating to mental health and drug addiction among marginalized communities. We need to understand that until we unweave all these negative entanglements, the issue of race is something that we have to confront.

The Importance of Remaining Sensitive to Matters Race

It may be uncomfortable, and we may feel like it’s overly emphasized, but we must ensure that we are there for each other and remain sensitive to all people’s plight. It helps no one to make someone else feel discriminated against. Society is like a living cell. When a single entity in the cell is ailing or gets riled, the entire cell could be in danger. Therefore, by loving and welcoming others, regardless of their race or color, we better society and ensure cohesion and oneness.

A Friend in Need: Why We All Need Each Other

Like I have said, in a hurricane situation, your neighbor, despite their race or color, is your first line of help. Your neighbor, literal and figurative, can be there for you even more than the government you may be supporting. Sorry to say, when Trump spews hate, and as his supporter, you illuminate or conform to such hatred and rage, then you discourage others from being there for you. Trump suffers the strongman syndrome, and as a citizen, you should be very wary of encouraging undemocratic and unpatriotic behavior.

Defeating Hate and Hatred through Voting and Exercising Your Democratic Responsibility

It is shocking to see people wielding firearms during protests while allegedly protecting their homes. From who or what? Your neighbor could be the person to dig you out of a house that has caved in due to a hurricane, earthquake, mudslide, or any other disaster. Gun violence and even intimidation do nothing to help society. Personal security is important, I agree, but it is not proper to assume that someone is a perpetrator of any kind just for the mere fact that they hail from a different race.

America as a Melting Pot of All Cultures

America was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of immigrants. People of all races contributed, and some in subjugation, to make America what it is today. As such, the next time someone stands outside their house with a military-grade firearm as protestors pass by, they should remember that you may be ‘protecting your house,’ but the next day, a hurricane wipes it off the face of the earth.

The Dangers of Voting for Leaders Who Do Not Care About Climate Change and Its Adverse Effects

Ask yourself, is it wise to vote for a president that does not care for climate change and then show ignorance and hate by wielding a firearm in the face of protests? In this age where forest fires are raging, your show of hostility could lead to bad karma. The same people protesting may be the ones to help you save yourself from a forest fire that has engulfed your house. Do you think that people who have seen you holding a loaded firearm outside your home while they protest will come anywhere near your home to help?

It is insane the kind of mindless show of hate and force that is happening in America. Your neighbor could save your life and those of your loved ones in case of an emergency. As such, please be humble and dissuade hate from your heart. Next time you see protestors, offer them a bottle of water instead. Do not stand there, holding your firearm as a way to intimidate them.

Vote and Change Foreign Policy and How Your Country Treats Immigrants

In terms of foreign policy, your vote will change the world by ensuring that you elect a leader who cares and understands what it means to be a global leader. Joe Biden is an excellent example of a qualified, capable, and willing individual to lead America to the next age of prosperity, unity, cohesion, and prosperity.

Personal Opinion: Joe Biden is the Better Candidate in the 2020 U.S. Election

In my personal view, there is no individual, man or woman, more capable of leading the United States in 2020 than Joe Biden is. Mr. Biden has served America significantly in numerous capacities, including as Vice President, and has spent nearly five decades in politics and leadership. Can you imagine the experience that would come with almost fifty years of giving your life to something?

Why Joe Biden was the Best Candidate for the Democratic Party in the U.S 2020 Election

As a candidate, Joe Biden was an excellent choice for the democratic ticket. With respect to all other democratic nominees, Joe Biden won the party’s nomination because he deserved it. You can see his dedication in the way that even in his age, what I would call his ‘mega-prime,’ he still has so much love and ambition for America to become better.

Joe Biden's Vision for America

Former Vice President Biden has the vision to make the United States a nation of all and welcomes people of all races, colors, and backgrounds. While Trump would build more walls, Joe Biden would instigate effective immigration policies and ones that ensure immigrants are treated humanely and with dignity.

He would not resort to abuse, bullying, and wall-building as a defense against his shortcomings. As a respectable son of the United States, Joe Biden has given a lot to America. He has suffered personal loss in service to the country and, more than any other candidate, knows what it means to give one’s life and life’s work to their country.

The Need for Choice and Wisdom while Voting

It is not my prerogative to tell you who to vote for. All I will say is vote wisely. We may have differing opinions on who would be the best leader, and it is okay and expected of democracy. However, a more significant injustice to one’s country than not voting is voting for the wrong candidate.

Again, the matter of who is right for you is debatable, but as a matter of principle, values, and national cohesion, who you vote for will have a massive impact on the country, and by extension, the world. It will also influence all facets of life.

What Your Vote Could Mean for the Global Economy

Your vote will heavily determine global business and trust in your country’s leadership. The various approaches to solving international conflicts and wars will also get affected by how you cast your vote. As an individual, you have a chance to change the world. As such, please do your best to go and vote. Help the sick, elderly, and those who may be unable to get to a polling station, to vote. Luckily, there is mail voting in America, and it can be an excellent alternative to in-person voting.

Avoiding Misinformation and Voting Wisely

Please source your information from the right sources. Do not source information on social media or unverified sources. Always fact-check your information and also do not be quick to react. Even when you may feel discriminated against or treated unfairly, please just hold back.

The Importance of Exercising Restraint Even for Police Officers

Even as a police officer, please use your weapon when absolutely necessary. Police brutality is such an injustice to the world. What will future generations think of a generation that is killing sons, fathers, and brothers? Please love yourself, love others, and love your country. Please vote and vote like your life, and that of future generations depends on it; because it does.