Why Juliani is a Better Fit for Lillian Ng’ang’a as Opposed to Alfred Mutua

According to Ng’ang’a, who also sent a heartfelt message to the governor, it was out of a mutual agreement that they end the marriage.

Why Juliani is a Better Fit for Lillian Ng’ang’a as Opposed to Alfred Mutua
Lillian Ng'ang'a and her ex Alfred Mutua during his 51st birthday. Source: Pulse.

Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua, took a big hit after separating from his second wife Lillian Ng’ang’a. Mutua’s first wife was Josephine Thitu with whom he had three kids. The governor came out this month to send a heartwarming message to miss Ng’ang’a saying that they will “always be friends” and they will continue to meet and “share ideas”. The gossip table here at Mania News sees all this as bollocks. The governor took an ‘L’ as some of us ‘woke’ writers would say. He flopped in his marriage, and even as we may not have all the details, we feel that he could have done better.

A Rebel and a Damsel in Distress

In comes Juliani, a musician, and activist, who may just have enough ‘sauce’ to inspire love from the beautiful woman that is Lillian Ng’ang’a. One thing with artists is that they have a way with words and a childlike perspective of the world. An artist is a dreamer and ‘artsiness’ comes with optimism and that may just be the kind of energy Lillian is looking for if any. With that said, Juliani may just be the new bae. The two were seen recently cozying up at an event. It seems that Juliani spared no punches or time and swept in to rescue the damsel in distress.

A Not-So-Mutual "Mutual" Agreement

According to Ng’ang’a, who also sent a heartfelt message to the governor, it was out of a mutual agreement that they end the marriage. She even went as far as to give up the title of ‘The First Lady of Machakos’ in what seems to us like a scathing rejection of the governor. Did the governor become so full of himself that he denied himself a long-life partnership with this accomplished lady? It would be no surprise. Kenya is a country where politicians become god-like figures who are literally worshipped. As much as it hurts to say, sometimes this can get into your head. It has happened before and politicians in this country have become victims of their own success out of a feeling of being ‘the man’.

Alfred Mutua is an accomplished and well-respected governor. To many youths in this country, he is someone to aspire to emulate. At a fairly young age, he is risen to the upper echelons of politics in the country and is seen as a sober politician, even as his political stances wobble now and then. For instance, he quickly came out against the BBI at its onset, only to be brought in by the who’s who leading him to endorse the bill. Governor Mutua is a man with the potential to become the president of this country, and his separation does not really back up his character, as many of us would like and expect, or even hope.

Juliani: A Rebel who's 'Woke' Enough to Intrigue Lillian Ng'ang'a's Intelligence

Juliani is an accomplished artist. He is a figure who is seen as a rebel in the industry and in local politics with his activism. He rejects and decries corruption and social injustice. Some would even say he represents a kingly figure for the ghetto. He is a well-respected musician and an individual who, one would say, has the potential for even becoming a politician.

Juliani is ‘woke’ enough to play a role in the leadership of this country and if he can inspire a beautiful and well-accomplished lady such as Lillian Ng’ang’a, then he can have the hearts of Kenyans if he steps up anyway. In a kind of poetic justice, Juliani may just be the guy who sticks it to the man and hopefully, make something of his activism and enter active politics. Even so, the ‘artsiness’ and being ‘woke’ may also mean that he is disinterested in politics in a kind of irony and also his success in activism could be his downfall in that sense. Essentially, he could also become a victim of his own success.

Lillian will Bounce Back

Lillian Ng’ang’a will bounce back from the separation with vigor. Women are strong and in most cases, the man loses more. Women are consolidators and some may even argue that to really make it in life, and for Governor Mutua’s case, to get to the top, one needs a woman of character. In the political arena, Alfred Mutua may just have lost a huge asset in Lillian Ng’ang’a. Even so, Lillian could as well enter politics herself and do her thing and become the leader that she could have helped Mutua be. What we men seem not to understand is that a really well-accomplished and bright lady does not really need a man to succeed. I would even argue that the vice versa is true.

Every man needs a woman who is intelligent and inspiring enough to push them to become the best version of themselves. As history has proved, every Barack Obama needs a Michelle Obama to really become the president. A president of their lives, their homes, their livelihood, and even, if one is in politics, of their country. Mutua and Lillian were seen cozying up at his recent 51st birthday party, co-held with Rayvanny, throwing a spanner in the works for would-be suitors. We wish Alfred Mutua, Lillian Ng’ang’a, and Juliani all the best and whoever Lillian chooses, she will remain a phenomenal woman.

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