Why Love and Distance Always Collide

Love is like seasons because some days are good and others are bad. It is like going on a voyage across the seas.

Why Love and Distance Always Collide
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Love is like electricity and reacts in a similar way to distance. Electricity necessitates linkage and a point-to-point connection of two or more nodes to ensure connectivity on the electrical grid. Love works similarly in that it necessitates a tactile connection between two people. When these individuals are separated by distance, then there is the risk of the relationship falling into disarray and suffering the out-of-sight, out-of-mind eventuality.

How Love Can Fall Victim to the Complexities of Life Such as Distance

Life is like a sea of many occurrences, situations, and circumstances and could lead people in love to have to be far apart from one another. As such, love itself can fall victim to the complexities of life and could be discouraged or strained in a way that makes it logistically difficult. Love should stay within compatible elements as you would expect electricity to only travel through conductivity.

Love necessitates conductivity because it can only be conducted by those who align or are complementary and complimentary of each other. You never know what difference a ‘ you look beautiful today’ would make. To ensure the continued and constant flow of electricity, play the role of the grid transformer and the medium of conductivity. Any mischief is like water and will immediately lead to an electric shock or what married people call ‘sleeping on the couch.’

The Magnetism of Love and Distance

Love is like magnetism and works on a range of distances like you would expect a magnet to. The distance between the two should be within a certain range to allow for polar attraction. Like the North Pole would likely attract the South pole of the other magnet, love works on an opposite-node basis. Unfortunately, when the two individuals are far apart or out of this range of attraction, the polar magnetism fails, and over time, the magnetism weakens.

Just as you would expect magnets to interrupt other magnetic fields, love in absence incurs less disruption than it would when present. Magnets create electricity. When the electromagnet is created using a conductive metal and a strong magnet, love is set to last as it has the potential and power to reignite or rekindle intrinsically. Solar energy is another matter altogether.

The Light of Love in the Distance

Love is like light, and as in solar power, it has the power to create electricity. When love is a beautiful incandescent light, the individuals in love can bask in the rays of their appreciation and affection for each other. They create energy that is renewable in a similar way to solar energy.

Solar love is also more sustainable and is less likely to shock someone than electricity would. As such, love should entail the aspiration for a forever-lasting love and one that renews itself now and then. Renewal does not necessarily mean that it ends; all it means is that it slows down or dims down as the two individuals navigate life. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the newness of love is not really expounded or exhausted to allow for a newness now and then. In this way, love is like seasons.

Distance in the Various Seasons of Love

Love is like seasons because some days are good and others are bad. It is like going on a voyage across the seas. Some days will be the most beautiful with the ship sailing on clear blue and beautiful waters. These are days when the coral reef is visible and when it is perfect for taking your snorkels and bathing suits out to go for a deep-sea dive. Such days allow for scuba diving and arrow fishing or fishing by hand. The most beautiful days allow the individuals to enjoy the sea in all its beauty, and share a wonderful meal of clam, oysters, or lobster, straight from the ocean.

Love is Like a Storm

On the other hand, there are the stormy days, the terrible, loud, and terrifying days when the ship shudders in the enormity of thunder and lightning. These are days when the ship shakes and sways violently in terrifying rain that is propelled by gale-force winds. These are days when the individuals will slam doors, walk away, and give each other nasty looks. They may even wonder why they even bother being in this thing called love. These days are as important as the beautiful days as they allow for balance and an ebb-and-flow in the relationship. The darkness of such days illuminates the light of beautiful days. All the two individuals have to do is hold strong and stay in the cabin while waiting for the storm to pass.

The Fire of Love and How It Burns from a Distance

Love is like fire because it is strong and spreads so quickly. It cannot really be controlled and has a life of its own. It can grow so big and just as easily be extinguished. Love is like embers that require fuel to continue blazing. The fuel for love is trust, honesty, commitment, dedication, tolerance, patience, and perseverance. When these are there, the embers become huge fires that burn forever and ever.

It is an intricate balance to always keep the fire burning while at the same time taking care not to be burnt by it. Love is like fire in that it is rapid and can quickly engulf the heart and, in a way, hold it hostage. The heart becomes soft and tender, much like marshmallows or bread. It necessitates baking and forging the love like you would steel to ensure that it has the correct consistency and takes the intended shape. Such intricacies and the skill to be a baker or blacksmith of love takes time and experience. Love is like riding a bicycle.

Do you own and can you ride a bicycle?

Love is Like Riding a Bicycle a Long Distance

Love is like riding a bicycle because, beyond anything, it requires balance. It requires measurement of how much to give as per what is given back. It is a give-and-take system that necessitates a balance between giving and taking. Love is like riding a bicycle because when there is the issue of distance, trying to get where you want to go takes long and is tiring.

That is why love and distance do not mix. Love despises longevity and waiting. It is insatiable and satisfying at the same time. Without it, there is emptiness, and when it is there, it can be overwhelming. Love is a mystery in this sense. It is like piloting an airplane.

Love is Like Piloting an Airplane a Long Distance

Love is like piloting an airplane because it can get you so high but can also bring you down so quickly. It is not for the inexperienced or the immature; it is for those who understand what it is for and why it exists. Puppy love is love that is yet to realize the complexities of life and what it really means to love someone or be loved by them.

Love is like piloting an airplane as it can be so fearful and scary at first. If you have a fear of heights, especially, love can be terrifying and would manifest like being between intense happiness and crippling fear. As such, the more one is in love, the more their experience and pilot hours. Even if the flight is over, the individuals acquire experience and will likely navigate the next flight more relaxed and be more sure of themselves. Love is like a bridge as it joins the air and the earth.

Love is Like A Bridge in How It Joins Two Souls Despite Distance

Love is like a bridge because it joins two different and unique people in a treaty that makes them one. The diplomacy of love necessitates shared perspectives and common interests. Like national treaties, love sometimes necessitates the calling off of war and entry into a ceasefire. It is a delicate balance between peace and strife and only works when all parties are willing to calm down and discuss their issues.

Otherwise, it becomes too exothermic, and the individuals are not able to persevere in the heat. Love brings two people together and allows them to forge a common path and to be each others’ partners in life. It complements the love yours way of thinking and allows every one of us to identify with people that we can call our own flesh and blood.

Love is Beautiful Despite Distance

Love is beautiful because, in all its complexity, it is what makes us human. Love creates generations and generations of people who become part of our beautiful planet and the human species. Love is an affirmation of how common we are, even when we may seem different. It is a commonality of all people from all walks of life. Love is not a mistake and does not lack consequence. It is intended, wanted, and appreciated. Love is meaningful and important.

Without love, then life would be meaningless, and we would all feel emptiness and sadness. Like treaties, love should be mutual, consensual, and well-intended. When it is honest and true, it can be so fulfilling and can bring one joy as nothing else can. Love is like the earth and the beautiful planet that we live in. It sustains and takes care of its own.