Why Love and Distance Always Collide

Love is like seasons because some days are good and others are bad. It is like going on a voyage across the seas.

Why Love and Distance Always Collide
Photo by Shaira Dela Peña / Unsplash

Love is like electricity and reacts in a similar way to distance. Electricity necessitates linkage and a point-to-point connection of two or more nodes to ensure connectivity on the electrical grid. Love works similarly in that it necessitates a tactile connection between two people. When these individuals are separated by distance, then there is the risk of the relationship falling into disarray and suffering the out-of-sight, out-of-mind eventuality.

How Love Can Fall Victim to the Complexities of Life Such as Distance

Life is like a sea of many occurrences, situations, and circumstances and could lead people in love to have to be far apart from one another. As such, love itself can fall victim to the complexities of life and could be discouraged or strained in a way that makes it logistically difficult. Love should stay within compatible elements as you would expect electricity to only travel through conductivity.