You People Movie Review

Ezra's family is such a stereotypical Jewish family: rich, very white, and non-cognizant of the plights of other races beyond their own.

You People Movie Review
You People is a funny comedy/romance movie centered on the issue of race. It stars Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill. Source: Netflix.

You People is a 2023 comedy/romance film that takes a look into how a Jewish and black family would go about intermarriage. Essentially You People highlights the intricacies, conflicts, and awkwardness of two non-white communities interacting with one another and how their worlds are different.

You People Movie Review and Summary

This post is both a movie review and a summary of You People. That is to say, it may contain spoilers.


Ezra, played by Jonah Hill, is a Jewish 35-year-old who's not as into his religion as his family is. He is a woke jew and runs a podcast with his friend Mo. He, however, struggles to find a girl who gets and understands him from his community and even his race. One day though, he stumbles upon a woman that intrigues him.


Amira, played by Lauren London, is a black Muslim girl who comes from a religious and woke family. Her dad Akbar, played by Eddie Murphy, is very strict about who she can date and even tries to hook her up with black dudes he thinks would be best for her. Amira, however, is her own woman. She understands who she is and faces the reality of being black in America every day.

Are You My Uber?

Ezra sees a Mini Cooper driven by a black woman outside his office and quickly assumes that his Uber driver has arrived. Amira is the woman in the driver's seat. She's lost after her nav system gets all jumbled up and starts giving her crazy directions. She quickly attacks Ezra and asks him to leave her car. After a small rumble, she calms down and Ezra clarifies that she looks like his Uber driver and offers to show her the way to where she's headed.

You're My Boo

Ezra and Amira decide to go out to lunch and their romance kicks off. They get one another. Finally, Ezra has found a woman who understands him. The two grow in love and their fondness for one another blossoms. They even get matching Nike x Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97 kicks.

Ezra and Amira heading back from a lunch date
Ezra and Amira go on a lunch date and ignite their love for one another. Source: Netflix.

Meeting Each Other's Family

Ezra and Amira decide it's time to meet each others' families. Ezra takes Amira to his parent's home and there Amira meets his crazy insensitive mother Shelley, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, dad Arnold, played by David Duchovny, and sister Liza, played by Molly Gordon. Ezra's family is such a stereotypical Jewish family: rich, very white, and non-cognizant of the plights of other races beyond their own. Amira is taken aback, despite Ezra's attempts to sort of censor his mom. Ezra also tells his mom that he genuinely loves Amira and is planning to propose to her.

Meeting Amira's Dad Akbar

Ezra, on being advised by Mo, decides to invite Amira's parents to lunch. He stupidly and naively chooses Roscoe's Chicken as the venue, assuming that it will definitely be a hit because they are black. During the meet, Amira's dad Akbar and her mom Fatima, played by Nia Long, are unimpressed by Ezra. Akbar, in particular, is offended by Ezra's whiteness and sets out to make life hell for him.

The Engagement

Ezra proposes to Amira and the two get engaged and buy a house where they live together. They start planning their wedding and after a while, invite both their families over for dinner. Things don't go as planned, however, and Akbar's Muslim head cap is burnt. The dinner is a shamble and things start to go awry for Ezra and Amira.

A Botched Bachelor Party

As the wedding day edges closer, Ezra heads off to Las Vegas for his bachelor party alongside his boys. On the plane, Akbar and his son (Amira's brother) show up and say that they are tagging along. Akbar is essentially crashing the bachelor party weekend and is keen on making it hell for Ezra. On the other hand, Amira and her girls head off to Palm Springs for the bachelorette party and Shelley and Liza tag along as well.

Akbar and Ezra in the plane to Vegas
Akbar crashes Ezra's bachelor party weekend just to irk him. Source: Netflix.

Killing My Vibe

During the weekend, Ezra can't have fun like his boys. He can't do the weird stuff that they are doing. He cannot snort anything or be around dancers and Akbar is totally killing his vibe. Ezra, however, plays it cool and has the worst bachelor party weekend imaginable. It is so boring for him to watch his friends wild out whilst he can do nothing. In Palm Springs, Shelley irks the crowd when she accidentally pulls out one of the black women's wig.

Rehearsal Dinner

On the day of the rehearsal dinner, everyone stands up to give a speech. Akbar's speech, though good, irks Ezra. He confronts Akbar and is keen to call him out on trying to make everything hell for him since they met. Ezra's had enough, as has Amira who also calls out Shelley for her insensitivity. Ezra and Amira decide to call it quits and go their separate ways.


During one of Ezra's podcast episodes, he calls out the notion that blacks and whites cannot be on the same page or be good with one another. He says that even though it seems impossible, he feels that both races can relate amicably and be good to one another. Both Akbar and Shelley are listening and decide to ignite a reunion. Akbar invites Amira to a store while Shelley invites Ezra to the same store to 'pick some shoes'.

Forgiveness and Re-Ignition

When Amira and Ezra get there, they are surprised to find each other there and both their parents tell them that it was intentional that they meet there. Akbar apologizes for misjudging Ezra and giving him a hard time principally due to his race. Shelley, on the other hand, apologizes to Amira for being insensitive and admits that she cannot really know or understand what it is like to be black in America. They all forgive one another, Ezra and Amira re-ignite their love, and they all go into the store.

Voila! A Wedding

Inside the store, they find a wedding congregation already present and with officiators at the podium. The podium is set with a beautiful flower arrangement in the shape and colors of the matching Sean Witherspoon Nikes Amira and Ezra had gotten. Ezra and Amira get married and the whole wedding is one big party and a celebration of love, race, and togetherness. It is also a beautiful appreciation of hip culture as everyone at the wedding is wearing casual fashionable outfits.

Amira and Ezra during their wedding in You People
Amira and Ezra get married in a beautiful ceremony celebrating both their cultures. Source: Netflix.

Our Rating

You People is an amazing amalgamation of what it means to marry outside one's race in America. It delivers an important message of the importance of cultural sensitivity and an understanding that different races have different experiences and essentially live in different worlds. The movie is also super hilarious and we absolutely loved it. The romance is also natural and we are so glad to see Ezra and Amira come together despite the differences in their racial backgrounds. We rate the movie an 8.5/10 and we recommend that you do watch it. Enjoy!


Is You People on Netflix?

Yes. You People is available to watch on Netflix. It was released on the streaming platform on January 27th.

Who Directed You People?

You People is directed by Kenya Barris. It is also executive produced by Kenya Barris and Jonah Hill.

Who Wrote You People?

You People was written by Jonah Hill who co-wrote it with director Kenya Barris.

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